Farm layout isn't changing since 30/11 maintenance

Since last maintenance, every day I get the exact same stronghold farm’s layout:


3 times in a row could be rng, but 6 times?
That I harvest the farm or not doesn’t change anything, I always get the same 4 pinks in the same places.

Interesting :thinking:.

I’ll file a bug report for the team. Thanks!

A new week starts:

Thanks for the extra screenshot. Just confirming that the farm layout has not changed since last maintenance for you?

Yes, it’s the same after today’s maintenance.

It still is the same today.
What should i do? Wait for you to fix it or reset my farm completely?
It might work but it wouldn’t really “fix” the issue that could come back later.

I started noticing this too. I thought I was just imagining things or misremembering, but I think mine is doing that too.

So 2 days ago I reseted my farm and changed the places of stuff i gather (putting them in lines instead of columns), then the next day after reset, i got a new layout:

and today:

same layout…
Only the 2 “superbe” ones that i gathered have been replaced, we’ll see tomorrow but it seems weird already.


14/12 after Brelshaza’s update: