Farm materials conversion - any way to exchange for crude iron?


I’ve been working on my stronghold and am wanting to do some treasure maps from there. They need a fair bit of the base level materials and I typically farm in my stronghold so I use the map chest recipes. For some reason, the exchange NPC for ‘farm’ materials doesn’t have an option for converting ‘echoes of skill’ to the base material (crude iron or regular wood, etc). Regular mats are able to be converted down for those large recipes, is there no way to do this for farm mats?


This! Please add an option for exchanging stronghold crude iron ores. @Roxx

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This would be great, I don’t get it why the conversion is not there :confused:

idk if bumping threads help, but yeah. A lot of the most important stronghold recipes drain base materials pretty fast, and not being able to trade some of the less useful “higher quality” stuff is aggravating.

It would be a nice to have. Personally, don’t absolutely need it, but sure - nice to have.

Game balance wise, see zero issues because it takes far more life energy to harvest 1 node on farm vs same tier node outside zones. So already taking a hit by exchanging 1 farm mat that costs more life energy to get vs 1 reg mat of same tier.

For getting lower tier mats though, have ppl asking for this tried the downgrade conversion? e.g. exchange blue higher tier ore for white base iron ore. Get a ton even with the downgrade exchange rate.

Also, I assume OP made typo - because ‘crude iron’ is already the farm mat version. Regular version is ‘iron ore’. If OP really meant he wants more crude iron, then can just farm that in stronghold

Sorry but you don´t get it. The ratio for normal materials, especially for the Crude Iron Ore, like OP sad, is not equal to the higher materials, and there is no option to change the higher materials to the normal ones. So atm I am sitting on

66/12 Ancient Oreha Relics
712/48 Faint Ancient Relics
191/195 Crude Iron Ores
758/195 Hardwood

and want only to craft the Punika Treasure Map Chests.
Something seems to be wrong with the droprates.



Bumping this because I agree, there should be a way to convert farm mats down to the base “normal” quality materials (in this thread, Crude Iron Ore).

As you level up your trade skills, the chance of you obtaining “higher quality” mats goes up. But since there’s no way to convert down, this is actually a bad thing since, like what others have mentioned, a lot of stronghold crafting and also ship repairs rely on this “normal” quality material.

So basically, as your trade skill gets higher, it makes it more difficult to be able to get “normal” quality materials, which then makes it harder to keep up with repairing ships and crafting certain recipes.

I’m sitting on about 4x the amount of Natural Gem (the “uncommon” quality mining stronghold material), and really wish I could roll some of it down to be able to repair my ships.

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I am further bumping this, there needs to be a way to exchange high level farm materials for low level ones, it doesn’t make sense that the low level ones are a bottleneck since everyone has higher grade farm equipment. Please add exchange options to the already existing farm shop, it exists for normal materials out in the world so just add it for the farm. Thank you.

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Adding another to the pile - it seems silly to me that the exchange is not at Wholesaler Mr. Shin. I hadn’t noticed until looking at things for this post, but you can liquidate common and uncommon materials for Echoes of X, but not rare materials. Then, of course, what we’re all talking about - you can exchange Echoes of X for rare and uncommon materials, but not common (Hardwood, in this case).

What stumps me is that where Wholesaler Mr. Shin has two tabs, Purchase Farm Remnants and Use Farm Remnants, Technician Rondo has two equivalent tabs with the same restrictions for non-stronghold materials, but also a third “T. Skill Materials” where one can exchange uncommon and rare ore and timber for common versions. These are tradable materials, along with everything else at Rondo.

Perhaps the balance of those materials being tied to the economy is why we’re given the ability to exchange others for the common materials - I personally have never used that feature for anything besides converting materials for my own use, though, so I have no idea how much of an impact that has on the game’s economy. Since stronghold materials are bound, maybe their thinking was that we’d have no need to trade down for common materials? I don’t know if it’s a balance thing or an oversight, but when trying to make Treasure Maps, my materials tend to look like this:

Ancient Oreha Relic 347/14 - almost enough for 25 maps
Faint Ancient Relic 2721/56 - almost enough for 49 maps
Crude Iron Ore 102/215 - not enough for 1 map
Hardwood 150/215 - not enough for 1 map

With 14/16 gatherable slots unlocked and 4 set to logging / 4 set to mining, using Leaps Essence I get around 55 of each Crude Iron Ore / Hardwood per day, on average - so it takes four days worth of waiting to make one map. In total I’ve made around a dozen attempts at legendary tool kits with no drops. I’m bound to lose interest in the game long before I get the materials to upgrade all of my tools, at this rate. But I guess if things were balanced out a bit more, people might be less inclined to swipe :wink:

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As everyone said, it would be nice to convert the higher mats into the lowest ones.
You can do that with the “not Stronghold” Mats, so why not with the Stronghold versions?

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Sitting at over Sitting at 800 oreha rare relics, and no normals… Is this just another sneaky way to force people to spend money on the market → drive up prices → force people to spend more real life money on the game?

Bumping this, I’m also sitting at 631 Strong Ore, with 1 Crude Iron Ore.

Coming back to say I am now at 1385 Ancient Oreha Relics, and 0 commons… this is just ridiculous.

Have you changed your trade gear? It’s the only effective sollution, and it might mean you need two sets or give up on superarmor.

I have chosen to keep my superarmor gear and just accept the ratios are not optimal and I will have a surplus of material I can’t convert.

agreed, and same with vice versa. It’s crazy how there’s no way to convert these at all. This is clearly a mechanic that is missing from the game.


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