Fastest chaos dungeon clearer alt?

My classes are: 2x Sorc, GL,SH and GS. I want a 6th DIFFERENT alt just for the heck of it, what clears CD’s the fastest?



unironically bard is S-tier in solo chaos dungeons, except for the red boss portals

Else I would say sorc but might be biased because I play sorc,

Shadowhunter and RE blade alts clear fast as well and is fun to play


I play all 4 of those class sorc is faster than RE Blade and SH, bard is the fastest out of all 4 unless u get a red gate then u gonna waste 2 minutes extra


pala with Preemptive Strike

destroyer is fast

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Yes destroyer is pretty fast with his earth eater and seismic hammer for trash mobs. Perfect swing and full swing for challenge monsters. Have an armor too with each skill.

That is funny because nobody said Artillerist. :smiley:

I second bard, she is the fastest. The slowest is Arcana, the Emperor card wipes all mobs but between that lucky draws killing mobs is nightmare.

(I go True Courage lvl 3 and HA 3 on my bardie, fastest plum-plum-plplplpl u ever saw, if you add Hit Master lvl 3 it should be a breeze, rotation is easy too, u go Heavenly Tune → Prelude of Death → Sonic Vibration and finish off mobs with Stigma/Dissonance/Prelude of Storm, Sound Shock for bosses and Soundholic to shatter rocks on stage 3. The finally boss on stage 2 is a one hit, if you stack 2 bubbles of attack buff, Prelude of Death and go Oratorio - DPS Awakening)


I don’t have a Bard, but my Paladin has gotten sub 3-minute times with Preemptive Strike and Judgment. Almost every button you press is a room-wide one-shot.

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Do you use blue skills or the gold skills?

I use 6 Blue 2 Yellow for Chaos.

I see you have GL already, so destroyer for sure.

Dont know if thats just me, but the wardancer I used to have (peaked end of tier 1 before deletion out of frustration a few months back) and the striker I just created (also tier 1 still) clear Chaos dungeons very fast.
But keep in mind they are/were both only in tier 1 thus far, it could be way different later on.

(If I remember to do so, I will update on my Striker experience as he gets higher up, but I got no spare tier 1 and 2 mats left, so Itll take a few days)

While Arcana and Soulfist is kinda weak at early. It speeds up a lot when I started to invest on tripod and gems, making it one of the smoother character to solo chaos. Though Bard is still the best.

I just made a bard )) so I can’t yet comment on it.

But my Soulfist EO clear faster than my igniter sorc.

AOE is better on my sorc, but my Soulfist is really fast moving.

Lance master takes forever

Destroyer clear screens on 1 ability


Definitely destroyer. You get 1 clear screen every 5 seconds… it´s insane

I find it curious, as I don’t think Arcana is the slowest. I have her at 1400 ilvl with a custom Empress build, and I do chaos dungeons at 5 min or so. At least 5 min is normal for me though. Maybe is the build? Or maybe the perceptions of what is normal clear time?