Okay, i’ve done the math. YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY BEAT FLOOR 50 BOSS WITH 1040 ILEVEL (WITH 2 Engraves Tier 3). ILEVEL 1066.



Seeing as I’ve got no idea what this is but thinking floor 50 is the hardest, I’d say leave it alone and come back.

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the point is, you should be able to do it in 1040-1080 because there is no point doing it later, it’s Shards for T2. I got 1100 now, and i WILL NEVER go back to that tower cuz it’s just usuless now. i’ve spent almost 3 hours, 113 potions to clear the last 4 stages and didn’t achieved the last one.


45-50 is just not coded well. It´s not just a challenge, but a stupid RNG fest. I don´t care much, but i wouldnt mind a nerf either for my alts. it´s like so many things in the game → flawed/coded bad.

My guess is it´s even harder for us than in KR/RU because i think they increased stats of everything and only nerfed(normalized actually) some T1/2 guardian raids/abyssal dungeon bosses for now.


That’s the EXACTLY feeling, we have all guardians and abyss nerfed but this tower (only content for ALTS) it’s WAY HARDER as it suppose to be.

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clearly doable… did clean floor 50 as ilvl 1090 (or 1086… same) with half of timer left.

Learn patern, take time to avoind then hit.
If you are support ok, those are not fitted for bard/pld (some people manage to do it also… but we are not all god player ^^’)

You don’t have to rush DPS, most content we have now have really large enrage timer. so take time to avoid attacks, learn pattern. and in this fatespire tower, this is what you have to do.

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maybe use protection potion ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, this should not be nerfed, nothing should be, everything is do-able at its level, its just learning the mechanics and patience, its a really good stepping stone to learn how to adapt to telegraphs / timing / rotations and when to hit your movement abilities, itll prep you for higher content


Always love it when some writes in caps. You see immediately who’s tilted. :smiley:

As @Tumerion mentioned…try battle items. They will help you, thats why they’re in the game.

I agree that those stages are not that good implemented but hey…please no more nerf. :frowning:


Cant clear content. Something must be wrong with content and not you. From my experiences, it seems like you just need to get better


Lost Ark is a game based on your skills and capacity to adapt quickly AND learn from your fails.

“nerf guardian, nerf this, nerf that, etc…” is the EU mentality “oh god i can’t use more than 2 neurons pls nerf this thing ! it’s so hard i can’t beat it !”
(just see all the topics about abyss dungeon or in game with the matchmaking…ppl can’t connect their neurons, even if they just have to turn clockwise, wait, turn again, that’s too hard for them…)

This difficulty is Lost Ark core… like a “die and retry” game which you HAVE to LEARN paterns, gameplay, etc… nothing will be “enjoyable” or “congratulating” without this core gameplay…

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You need to learn mechanic for floor 45-50, it’s not that hard, would recommend you to take blue potions in case you need for these. It’s not that difficult.

The problem is what’s ALREADY done to the content. T1 and T2, that’s just should follows as it’s even a content for ALTs. I tried used Taunt (i used them in other floors, so handy). But the last when it reaches almost 1 bar and floor is black, you’re done. The point here is not about the nerf or being able to do, the problem is the reward of the content that you will only use for alt and for the last clicks. I just “skipped” this cuz i bought the mats and thats it. I tried for 3 hours, didn’t got better, i can’t wait to try again tomorrow so that’s it. It’s just don’t work as all the game is working by now.
With everything they’re doing, they should yes do this. if they want people to go faster in t3. you can literally skip the tower after the 45 rewards are shame for the dificulty they’re now. This stats are just messy. But we just have 2 sides here and they go opposite ways. But i’m sure they’re listening to people who want to enjoy the game and not to be challenged in a ALT tower.

floor 45 gave me the most headache, floor 50 was hard but I managed to do it in the end with a paladin at 1080, it’s easy to dodge her mechanics once you learn them , the hard part comes when she covers the floor dark and some low damage classes have a very hard time bursting her last HP bar

I’ve cleared this content before my 913 ilevel (about 600), with my alt (artillerist / blaster), not the best mobility option but hey, used some protection grenade and tadaaaa.

He’s talking about the second tower buddy.

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yeah i know, but it’s the same too XD

(i’ve seen ppl complaining about the first tower)

Well no, second tower 44/45+ is at a different level than anything before (sub floor) in term of mechanic, you need to understand what is the floor “mechanic” and then play according to).

But you shouldn’t get any problem with Blaster, this class is damn broken in order to complete tower, hope you have fun, that’s a great place to get mats ! :slight_smile:

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i’ve played 1k+ hours on the RU … and you know what is insanely more difficult than this tower joke ?
This (locked for us…) :

It’s like a tower, but with (if i remember correctly) 25 stages (+ more just for the “achievement” and the “glory” lol)

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It’s guaranteed that the people complaining use a total of zero items and never even try to learn patterns or when to dodge.