[Faure] is Recruiting | PVX

Region: NA East
Server: Regulus

Just a chill group of friends that have been around together for a while looking to have good times. We’re a pretty small guild at the moment.
We aren’t casual, but we are far from Elitist. If you’re looking to potentially make some friends that could last you a long time, that could be us. You might be able to find some of us play other things too. We have a discord that is slowly coming along that also has a second guild with other peeps we’ve allied with as well.
My name is Shadenightz in game. You can just call me Shade.
Ingame apply to the guild, mail me, or private message me here on the forums. You could also add me on discord(Shade#6162) to talk this over there. Our only real requirement is playing the game consistently enough assuming you treat everyone with respect.


Faure is a great guild with some amazing people in it, if anyone is looking for a chill guild you can’t go wrong with this one. I have known the guild master and the other players in it for quite along time now, and they’re fun people to hang out and play with. It would be really nice for some more cool people to join to help the guild grow and make new friends.

:eyes: :eyes:

Open to all. o7

Lets Gooooo!

Our name is based on a song that was dedicated to Nujabes.

Still recruiting. o7

How’s the season treating y’all?

I NEED FRIENDS GUYS, :face_holding_back_tears:

I’m still here.