Feature Request: Auction House Wishlist/Buy Order

The recent patch dished out a lot of much-wanted QoL updates and I think many people are enjoying them, however I’m here making this post because I feel like the Auction House was impacted negatively by it.
To elaborate, the specific QoL change I’m referring to is the Auto-Dismantler, where you can now select undesirable stats and engravings to automatically be vaporized from your inventory. Now, normally this is a great thing; it’s optional, it’s fast, no more sifting through gear that is irrelevant to you. However, this has also impacted the stock on the Auction House because only zingers and jackpots get listed. The amount of pages of listings have dropped dramatically and quirky/niche gear are almost impossible to find because a lot of people have Auto-Dismantle on for Endurance, Domination, Expertise, and their favorite engravings.

The feature I’m requesting is a Wishlist/Buy Order for the Auction House. The main fear/drawback of listing gear you Aren’t sure is going to sell within a day is because you lose a valuable listing slot, and 3 entire slots if you do a 3 day listing, and maybe at the end of it they’re returned to you with no interest. Or, perhaps it isn’t that there is no interest for the gear but that whoever would want such a weird gear piece just isn’t looking at that particular moment. For example, I know that I want to have a second set of gear on my Destroyer for the memes: 100 quality Expertise, Vital Point Hit; or maybe another set of gear for content like Thronespire, which seems to be a marathon type of deal, which would make things like Heavy Armor and Ether Predator better than Grudge, etc. The demand is there for these niche/less popular accessories, but the current system isn’t conducive to trading them, for buyers And sellers.

If there was a Wishlist/Buy Order in the game, there would be no question whether or not a gear you are inspecting will sell. It is 100% a yes or a no the moment you check, and it will be instantly gratifying for the seller to instantly sell their gear, and great for the buyer because they’ll get a very specific gear piece in their mail without having to check the auction house every day, or every hour, or worse if the gear is being bid on. With this feature, the bidding system will still be relevant, people will still list jackpots for 100k gold or whatever, but now a funny guy can be like “I will pay 800 gold for an Earring with Expertise and Vital Point +3 on it”. Or a whale could be like “I will pay 450,000 gold to the first person who gives me a Spec/Crit Grudge+3 Deathblow+5 neck” instead of having to wade through weird market listings for 1-5mil gold whale-bait or people who just fully don’t know how much a piece is worth.

Thanks for reading. Currently, it’s very hard to make Any build with relic gear right now and my theory is that the auto-dismantler is contributing to that. Hope you agree, or find this feature enticing regardless of that.

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