[Feature request] Stronghold management app/website

It would be great to be able to manage the stronghold without having to enter the game.

The idea would be to be able to send expedition and manage laboratory from a webpage or a mobile companion app.

This is even more needed, in my opinion, since the queue can be a bit long at launch…


I agree this would be nice.
Even nicer would be a full companion app or web page that lets you observe your trackers for events and manage your stronghold; perhaps a tab/page that lets you look through the various menus like your rapport and quest log for your character.

If there is a need to fund the work setting something like this up; I for one would be more than happy to toss a ten spot to steam or directly to lost ark for the privilege.

Just make sure that if you’re charging for it, that the website or app is feature rich, instead of the bare bones messes that some games put out as companion apps. And for the sake of all that is holy and right in the world, don’t set up a ton of micro-transactions in it. Just charge a small, reasonable sum for it in the first place, or tie it into the crystalline aura. I don’t mind paying you a subscription for the fantastic game you’ve made; but don’t nickle and dime me to death please.

P.S.: Love your game so far :slight_smile:

This is a great idea. I also agree that I’d be happy with it tied to Crystalline Aura if the app/website is good and not bare-bones.

Agreed, great idea, this feature shouldn’t depend on Smilegate as I’m pretty sure you guys got some APIs to work with.

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I also agree with this. Many games have an app that does this, like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 to name the two biggest games that do this. But since this is a free to play game this would most likely come at a subscription cost to use it.

I sure think it would be fantastic. Even more knowing that you can send expedition to do guardian raid and chaos dungeon when you dont have time to play. It would be super nice to be able to still do special expedition while on holiday or when having too much work !

Nice feature idea :slight_smile:

Yes, please!

Had another thought for a feature for this fictitious app we’re proposing.
It would be fantastic if your mail for your main/roster/alts were linked to the app.
So if there was something your guild needed to tell you, they could send you a mail.
I’m not sure how possible that is, but it would be neat.