[Feature Suggestion] Player Marriage

A common staple to MMOs that have a very social culture is player marriage. This is an event that two players can take part in which creates a partnership between their characters or accounts. I will outline some features this may include, taken from past games I have played. Please feel free to comment your own ideas as well, and I will try to add them.

Marriage Event
The event would take place in a select variety of locations around the world of Arkesia. Some locations might include the church in Prideholme, the sunflower orchard in Dyorika Plain, or the palace of Rothun. When triggered, the event would take place in public for the entire channel and trigger a scripted set of animations and effects with NPCs and set pieces to set the scene and dialogue for the event. The event would consist of the NPC requesting a confirmation from both parties with numerous other dialogue as well. This might entail a dialogue opening for confirmation, or a /yes or “i do” in the chat. The event may take from 3 to 7 minutes and have music to finalize the marriage. After the event is complete and the area is cleaned up, the location is available for two more people to get married.

A guest book could be present which players can sign and the two married players can see who was at their wedding long after the event occurred. Other players inspecting the married player could also see the guest book. This would add hype to attending your friends wedding and regret or fomo for missing the event of your friend. This would also encourage people to get all of their friends involved in the event, and maybe even community celebrities to have their names in the guest book. Signing the guest book could also give everyone a wedding-favor.

After the wedding, a visual effect or buff could be given to the players. Pink glowing and emitting heart particles for 1 day or +5% hp regen.

Perks of Marriage
As in other MMOs, I think marriage should come with some perks. Here are some ideas, but this list is not perfect nor complete.

  • The ability to teleport to your partner once every 2 hours. (An additional bifrost only to your partner)
  • A consumable item that can heal or buff your partner.
  • A common skill (shared by all classes) that shields or heals your partner. (Maybe beneficial to people who do duo carries or similar content together) Potentially -10% hp from you, +10% hp to them.
  • A new currency (or providence stones) for doing instanced content together, like chaos dungeons and guardians, or an all new couples daily/weekly.
  • And an NPC to use the currency at, for skins, titles, and emotes related to marriage.
  • At certain periods, married players will receive anniversary gifts.

Please reply to the thread with more or alternative ideas.

Content, Requirements, and Limitations
To get married, there should probably be requirements and limitations. Requiring the players to do collectible content specific to unlocking the ability for a wedding would be fun and meaningful. Along with marriage comes divorce :frowning: which should limit the player from getting married again for a duration, along with requiring the collection content to be completed again. The cost for a wedding should not be too radical, since gatekeeping an enhancement to players experience is not enjoyable.

An amusing addition to divorce might be incurring a debuff, such as -1% movespeed for 1 week.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but opposite gender should not be a requirement to marriage.

Again, I would love more ideas from past games and all new ideas too. Please feel free to suggest them in this thread or express your personal interest in this feature. If you leave a idea, I will add it to this post and credit you. Let’s let Smilegate know that we would value a more vibrant social culture in Lost Ark.

  • Please avoid date2win though. The benefits of marriage, like a heal ability, should not influence the meta of progression or competition. (@yGKeKe0)
  • Unique Una’s tasks for couples, around the theme of going on a date together. You could visit various locations, interact with numerous objects, and help NPCs together. The reward could be the unique marriage currency.
  • Weekly love island which changes with adventure islands. There would be some event or quest for married couples. (@Mushrooms)
  • A shared inventory for some purposes. This might be useful to ease the effort in trading across partners, but still maintain the same cost of normal trading and mail. (@nyrnaeth)
  • Self-Marriage would be good for players who do not have friends or do not want to depend on other players to play. (@Luxanna) They can teleport to themselves to be reminded that they are all they’ve got in this world.
  • Add an emote and emoticon, that assists in making fun of players who are not married. (@CircusTheme)
  • NPC marriage for those who would rather… (@Roxx)
  • All assets are split on divorce. (@pekopekoramiko)
  • New job class: Lawyer (@pekopekoramiko)
  • Ceremony is in a pvp enabled area, so we can have more red weddings… (@tapstrafe)
  • Allow alts to marry. (@FieserMoep)
  • Allow for polygamy / multiple marriage partners. (@FieserMoep)
  • All ideas should absolutely be considered for balancing. Marriage should not influence non-social aspects of the game, beyond already effortless/negligible tasks.

Please note, I’ve tried to add funny suggestions as well, not only the serious ones. Why not have some fun, right? :laughing:

If someone can translate this post to Korean and submit it on Inven boards, or link me to an existing Inven post regarding player marriage, that would be awesome too.


I can just see it now… Do you, Byuhngfyuhyuripo, take this berserker, Umnyorhifporwago, to be your lawfully wedded wife? :hearts:


:rofl: That’s great. I do think a collection quest and some requirements would need to be met in order to get married, to help counteract bots. Bots getting married might actually put them on display even more though, as the target for getting banned.

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Can I marry myself to not depend on another person to still play this game in a year?


I think that is where divorce comes into play. :cry: But the benefits of marriage should probably not create an unfair advantage to the lonely wizards of Arkesia.

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this is a very wholesome suggestion! it could be a cute mechanic for the future, having a shared inventory would also be a nice thing to add for convenience of access! :purple_heart:


+1 to this idea, let me get buffs for playing with my best friend uwu

I added an idea of unique Una’s tasks for partners. Cooperative puzzles would be fun. Or going to a location and sitting on a bench together, going to a small ledge above your partner and blowing them a kiss. Playing good-cop and bad-cop in an interrogation. Picking from props, decorating your character in a funny outfit and taking pictures together.


Just like IRL, my luck i’d marry a bot :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not FF14

(Thanks God :pray:)


So this is going to be like valentines day, being meme’d on for being single


I’m pretty neutral in regards to this suggestion, but I do find it amusing you implied this game has a 'very social culture" lol


What in the actual fuck did I just read? Are we seriously recommending Date 2 Win mechanics now?


DATE2WIN imagine lost ark dating house.

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I was saying that the feature would lend itself to fostering a more social culture in Lost Ark. I think currently it is not very social at all. it’s quite lacking in social features.

I find this strange if you’re already married IRL lol


And they just glitch through walls together happily ever after


The skill was a suggestion based on ragnarok online.

I’m not sure what else was 2Win mechanics about it. Doing una’s together for the love currency would probably be much less efficient since you have to do it with a partner. It would require time and effort to get married. Any rewards for the love currency would be visual and based around love themes.

I think all of my suggestions are just a start. If you want I can add what you think is too powerful as a note, and maybe if you have alternative ideas i could also add those. :slight_smile: I’m really just trying to start the conversation on a new feature that people who enjoy MMOs for the social aspect or are enjoying the game with a friend or significant other would like to see.

Edit: I’ve added a note about date2win :slight_smile:

Great idea, I’ve added this and attributed it to you :slight_smile:

Oh ya we could have a love island contest for an event and rotate the islands every week :joy:

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