[Feature Suggestion] Player Marriage

Skins have virtue stats attached to them. Our version doesn’t currently have the cosmetic only skins because we’re completely lacking the skin crafting system.

But yes, “Teleport”, “Consumable to heal or buff”, “Skill to buff” would all be “Date 2 Win” under your suggestion.

The “Anniversary” gifts would be up in the air, as you weren’t specific about it at all.

I wouldn’t care one way or another if a completely cosmetic system were implemented for this…I think it’s stupid, but that’s my personal opinion. I see no reason why other people shouldn’t get to partake in a completely cosmetic function if they want to.

BTW, the “Shared inventory” you added from Nymaeth would also be “Date 2 Win”, since it would allow people to completely circumvent item trading and other things that are essential to the economic systems of the game.

I’m not gonna lie though, the entire thing sounds like some desparate attempt to incorporate e-dating into an RPG instead of just playing a life sim MMO that is actually designed for that sort of thing.


To be honest, I really can’t see how this could cultivate a more social player base because it’s so anti-social.

Seeing what area chat is like at times, I’m not surprised more people don’t bother with communication. It also just seems like a system that’d be in use by people already playing together, so nothing changes there.

Gotcha. Balancing would definitely be required. I expect that they are very particular about what they do and don’t do. They have been so thoughtful about the way trading and balance works, up to this point.
I won’t lie though, I do like the idea that if you have a raid static, having a support skill for “buddies” would be kind of cool. It would encourage static groups, while not necessarily hindering non-static groups. It would also encourage building a “work-wife” type relationship with your static partner. But it would also detract from the whole concept. In the end, probably not good to let it impact the meta in any way.

Agreed. I don’t think they would consider it. Not much in the game is tradeable anyways without restrictions. It would also be prone to numerous bugs leading to exploits, even if it were for some select set of items. I figured I’d add it and attribute it anyways. :slight_smile:

I feel that just because the game is a majority older males, it doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience for more social activities. And I hear alot of talk about making waifu characters, but I don’t see much point to it currently.

Edit: My friend said it’s hopium so that he would marry me, which he wont… He’s not wrong. sadge. :frowning:


Sounds nice. Could you elaborate a little bit? It might be a weekly event that is similar to adventure islands and has a unique task on it?

I support this but I do feel like Lost Ark doesn’t have the depth of role playing capacity like other MMORPG’s that incorporate that feature.

I think you’ve laid out some solid points for consideration though, so good work :slight_smile:

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Sugardaddy wanted, PM open.

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Internet culture of creating “ideal” and unrealistic women who are not real and can’t actually hurt their feelings. I feel like it wouldn’t be as big of a thing if real world dating wasn’t such a shit show, but I could be wrong, since I suspect a part of it also stems from the innate male desire/natural tendancy to stare at things that they deem to be attractive…and I think that this part is the reason why a lot of people prefer to have attractive characters. Whether that happens to be some really cool armor, or a character that emulates real world physical attractiveness in some way.

As for your edit: That’s rough, but also funny in a kind of fucked up way.


I highly support this ! I have no ideas to contribute because I’ve never played MMOs before…
But this will be a great feature and will make playing content together more enjoyable.

Pls make it happen!

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imo the shared inventory could work like the in person trading system we already have, someone adds items to it and the other person accepts them, but in the case of partners this could be done without needing to be in the same area, it’s like a streamlined mailing system that could have a drop box, we’re already allowed to trade items with our friends without using the auction house ^^ i can already send my tradeable materials or skins i don’t use to my real life partner if we’re friends in game, if we had a marriage system or a bff system it could make the process a bit easier, it would be the same as ticking a box to make someone a ‘trusted trade’ party

So, you intend for it to require pheons for certain items then and to reduce the tradability count on those items?

I don’t know why you wouldn’t just use the mail system for that.

It also wouldn’t be storage at that point.

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to suggest here…unless you’re suggesting that the only benefit to it be that you can access it anywhere similar to how you can use the mail anywhere if you have Crystal Aura, except that you wouldn’t need Crystal Aura to use it and it can only be used to send things between two specific characters.

If that’s what you’re suggesting…Yeah I guess that would be interesting without generating any sort of tangible advantage over other players.

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??? who remembers when zezima got married at the guthix shrine in runescape 2006

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exactly! it’s just ease of access for people who play together often, like a shortcut for trading multiple items with them if you will

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Okay, yeah. If they were going to implement this type of system, I think that would be a decent perk that wouldn’t actually make the overall mechanic seem mandatory to hardcore players. Pretty good idea.

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Was a cute system that I liked existed in FF14, would be great to see here too! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait

omg i feel old now

I’ll ask SGR about player marriage after they let me have a Thirain marriage.

I mean what okay yeah sounds good thanks for the feedback


(I actually do think these kinds of systems are cute and can be fun, all jokes aside!!)


Wait what happened in the case of the Divorce do we get half of the asset of the player :rofl:.

Then we definitely need a new job classes Lawyer.


I will back this proposal if the marriage ceremony must occur in a pvp enabled area