Feedback about boss rush and cube

I’m really bored to do boss rush and cube. Why? Cause the reward is awesome but it take so much time, I feel like I need to do it but dont want to.

I was thinking about something that could replace them And reduce the time consuming tasks.

Something like:

when we do abyssal raid or legion raid, we could gain chaos dungeon corruptor or modificator.

Something that can change the chaos dungeon settings. And, for exemple, add boss from the abyssal dungeon that we use and some mec (not the wipe ones, or yes if they are changed to only damage not wipe), and even debuff and buff at random time a bit like in cube and some explosif monster from cube. And stage bonus (like in cube and chaos dungeon)

This corrupted object could add stages like from 3 stage from normal dungeon to 6 stage for corrupted one. (Or more if we take too much time like in cube).

We can do it solo but if we do it in team we can have more rewards because each corrupted object could for exemple add more difficulties like debuff and rewards, each players could add up to 3 corrupted objetcs.

And the rewards would be: chaos dungeon of the day (so the 2 chaos dungeons of the day are done, and we cant do it if chaos dungeon are already done)+ boss rush+ cube; at the minimum in solo player. And + 10% bonus for every corrupted object added.

For exemple, if done by 2 players and each one only use 1 corrupted object= only the 10% bonus since only one supplementary corrupted object was added. If the 2 players use 3 corrupted object= +50%. If 4 players use 3 each = +110%.
Could be easy in solo and a juste a bit challenging with a groupe with max difficulties (even more with a groupe that dont have good build, the 110% more reward need to be a hard).

It coold have 2 weekly una task that give silver + shards + leapstone.

It could be something that take up to 10 min.
(So in 10min =2 chaos dungeons done + boss rush + cube +bonus = big time win). And the random buff and debuff could be fun.

Sounds very tedious, no thanks.


Tedious ??? Really ?? Have you read ?

Is 10 easy minutes in solo with all the rewards from cube + chaos + boss rush; more tedious than 10 min for cube + 10 min for boss rush + 10 chaos dungeons without counting the time you take for launching every event (charging barre)= 30+ minutes per character. THAT is tedious. With my idea it REPLACE boss rush and cube so no more boss rush and cube.

Its only difficult if you try to do it in team with 3 corrupted object but you have the choice. And even in team I think the duration should only be 10 mins. And it’s only 1-3 time max per weeks (since you got the object only in abyssal and legion raid). 1 time per week if you use, for exemple, all the corrupted object from valtan+ vykas+ clown that you got this week in one shot.

I don’t wanna spend 10 minutes in a chaos dungeon. “If u do with others more reward” oh ye sure get 3 bad people and the experience gets even worse than current yoho and deska soon with the “boost my alts Im entitled” players. Like I said, ur plan is tedious. Also, 10 minutes boss rush? Are you afk? Not seen longer than 5 minutes. If the game loads slow for u that’s ur pc problem. Im loading into everything within 5-10 seconds.

And having to do the Raids to get access to ur new Chaos dungeon is a horrible idea. Why would you have to be forced to do these raids to do your created chaos dungeons? Tedious. If I choose not to do the raid I just have no access?

The only thing people have requested so far for Boss rush is 3 tickets use upon entrance and gain reward x3. That I can agree with, I find it personally not needed, but it doesn’t influence my gameplay if it is added. Ur plan however, shakes up the game for everyone.

boss rush are okay you can do it solo and if you do it with other with 1415 + you can ajust set on each spot and os the boss on spawn so it take 3 4 min

cubes are annoying but i use 3x once per week so it’s okay

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You really dont read…
I said it takes the 2 chaos dungeons entry. You spend already 10 min a days in chaos dungeon (5 min per chaos dungeon and 2 daily = 10min)+ 10 min cubes + 10min boss rush. So what im thinking save your precious time !!!

Its the same everywhere (in boss rush, in cube in legion raid) stop playing the game if you are affraid of this or play solo since it can be played solo. Since it’s linked to the chaos dungeon lvl you will have players of the same lvl as you so less chance to have bad player.

And if you are really affraid of noob player with the system you can do 3 time a week this event. And it will not take your precious time ! Why ? Because it take your chaos dungeon entry, give you more reward and you spend exactly the same time.

Why not using the 3 time in on shot ?
Well if you are affraid of bad player you can use only one corrupted object (=less difficulties), the reward will be +30% but you can do it 3 time so 30x3 =+90%.

Resum: my solution take LESS LESS LESS of your prcious time, and can give you in easy mode with noob team +90% of the reward that you have today with the actual system…

Like you said you can have bad player and in the not so far futur 1490 boss rush will came out, will you really ba able to do them in less than 10 min, I’m doubting it…

Are you serious ??? You are already forced to do them today if you want gold + relic gear etc … so my sytem change nothing about it. And today boss rush ticket +cube ticket are random with bad luck you can have a week without entry… is this not tedious ??. But with my system 100% to get them = less tedious.

What? I literally 1 hit everything in rush/cube solo you really dont need a group to do those unless your 1300 and need carry

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I don’t YOU are. Stop putting your experience as my experience.

And I read and will quote everything since u cannot read or put your view as how I play.

The content u want to change is soloable, so why should I suddenly have to play with others if I can play solo.

Same with Yoho at 1370. People come in with 0 engravings, gems and blue geared. Same ilvl can join the same part of the game.

I don’t spend 10 minutes per day in chaos dungeons per character.

I can just solo everything now for 100% the rewards, so why should I accept getting less in your suggestion by playing solo. To min-max now is play everyday and the things you want to change is soloable for 100% the reward. Your suggestion will not be. Then I cannot solo for min-max and am forced to play with other in which I now don’t have to.

It’s not. Because your suggestion can give more rewards to make it more difficult with other players only. Your suggestion is a 10 minute chaos dungeon for all, or 3x 10 minutes with bad players for same reward.

I solo them like any other player that plays this game. Or at least most.

I have 350k gold just sitting there, if I don’t want to raid I don’t raid, but I can still do chaos dungeons, guardians, boss rush, cubes if I want or skip those too if I don’t want to.

Each of my characters get 1-2 Boss rush tickets per week and 2-3 cube tickets per week.

Precious time this, precious time that.

If you are so bothered to spend time on the game, then why even play an mmorpg where your progress is directly proportional to the time you spend? Or pay for LA.

You can get both of those instances solo and is not daily either. Run that stuff once a week after reset for guild quests and done, it doesn’t take long, nor is a difficult content either.

Pop 3x for cubes and if you can’t, ask a friend to help you one shot everything in boss rush. Your system sounds like an over complicated take to say "I want to run CD once a day only’.

Daiikkii (OP) - Beyond everything that is said here (which I agree with 100%), what you are proposing would require SG to completely change the game, and would take a very large amount of development time and $$$. For this reason alone, your proposed changes will never happen. With that said, I personally think your idea isn’t a good one, and most players would NOT benefit from it. Just because you play a certain way, doesn’t mean everybody else plays the same way.