Feedback about engraving that seems to beoutdated

Hi !

It’s my personnal feedback. But I really think many engraving seems to be outdated or hard to use and need an update.

For exemple:

  • Necromancy engraving deal almost 0 damage when we are 1370+ (maybe even before).

possible solution: create a Necromancer class with a class engraving that boost every summon damage, the necromancy one, the lutheran one with the horn etc… or just boost the damage to a percentage of the user power.

  • propulsion: it give 16% damage for only 5 seconds after using a mobile move. So the penalty is that it take a life saver move (dangerous and time consuming) and we have to wait before using it again (10s recharge for mobile move, can be lowered but not to 5 second)

Possible solution: add mobile move to " master of escape" engraving ( I think only stand up are affected) and go up to 24% damage for propulsion.

  • Lightning fury: the damage are almost good with a class that hit often but the range is too short.

Possible solution: change the 60% chance to 100% and give it a wider range.

  • Sight focus: I’ve tried it with many dps classes, tying to launch it during my up time. But the dps is really low. I was thinking about surge blade, but maybe below 1370 it was worth but now surge blade have an up time every 15 second. And sorc could be good but not all the skills are counted in the buff… so it’s still lacking. The 30 secondes is to much or the damage, buff duration are not enough for players to consider it.

Possible solution: change the 30s cooldown to 15 seconds (players in the chat can be mad). Or change the buff duration from 6s to 18s (could be really good for sorceress).
Or buff the damage from 28% to 36%.

If someone have more various solution for this, feel free to comment with the solution you are thinking about ;).

Have a good day everyone. O/

Some classes dodge is literally lower than 5

about sight focus, it only buffs a single hit after activation, thats why surge blade is the only class that even considers using it, changing the duration of the buff wont help

When I look at sight focus sight description it says that it’s activated during 6s. But well the traduction korean -->english is soso sometime.

If it’s really just for 1 skill then the solution would be to change it to all the skills during the duration AND change the duration to 18s

The idea is that you can use that empowered attack within 6 seconds, only once. But yes the wording isn’t very helpful

Or just change the design of bosses in legion raids to something more similar to Argos/Avion/Poseidon where the wipe mechanics are 1/2 during the fight and the boss hits like a truck with harder to dodge spells (that dont instant kill, but deals a lot dmg).

This will shift the meta from Grudge/Cursed doll to more defensive builds, A lot engravings that help survivability will actually be useful, and only the most skilled that can dodge all boss attacks will be able to run Grudge.