Feedback about legendary skins

Hi pretty/ handsome CMs,

Greetings! Hope you and your team are having a nice Monday morning:D

I am posting here to provide some feedback or suggestions regarding the plan of issuing legendary skins in store. I know there were already many other posts about this, but most of them were distracted by the (toxic) discussion of Yoz’s Jar. I am just focusing on legendary skins here so hope you will not find me annoying. Personally I loved the legendary skins so much (for my sorc) and I have been waiting for it so badly. Of course everything is business, so I will look into it from a business perspective. I have quite a lot to say but I try to keep it with the 3Cs.

Here are the major difficulties or concerns I noticed about issuing the legendary skins in store, and the suggestion from me to solve them:

  1. The stats advantage of the skin
    A straight forward solution to this is to lower the stats to same level of other current skins, I think your team may have same planning on this.

  2. Pricing of the skin
    I would suggest using the expected cost to get the skin from the original Yoz’s Jar as reference. I know it may be high, but I think people who have been waiting for it already expected the cost and are willing to pay for it. Of course as the stats advantage is removed, your team may consider lowering the cost. This should be fair to players and AGS in terms of revenue.

  3. “Drip feed” on skins(?)
    I hope this is not an obstacle of issuing the legendary skins, as it is planned to be giving out in June originally. But in case it is one of the considerations of your team, I would say releasing the skin later may not result in overall more profit ( or the influence is not that high). Since the price of the legendary skins is likely to be 10 times or more comparing to the normal skins, issuing it earlier while the number of players are still high may result in more profit then issuing it later with lower number of players. Also, there are still other anniversary skins coming. So, I think this set of legendary skins should be issued asap.

  4. Players from other server feel unfair about the change in Yoz’s Jar system and fix price of legendary skin
    In short, this is easy to solve with a statement in your announcement:" These changes are made for NA/EU server only". This should be a minor business problem as different region’s server are having different ways to operate the game. With this statement, I think your team will receive huge support from players too :smiley:

So now, everything is settled, I hope your team can have a meeting to confirm the issue of legendary skins. After that, call SG or (if any SG staff are in your office) who can edit the patch to make the changes by pressing several buttons. Hopefully everything can be done before the June update coming this Thursday!

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Email Trail between AGS and SG

AGS: Hey, can we do something to remove the gacha and p2w aspects of Yoz Jar? I don’t think it will fly in NA/EU

SG: We’ll try something.

SG: Oops! We got blocked and have no idea how to remove them. Delay patch for 2 weeks please.

SG: Nope, couldn’t do it. Fuck it, you guys aren’t getting the Yoz Jar at all.