Feedback about tier1 honing

i currently reached 1000ilvl with my main and i wanted to share some of the difficulties i’ve experienced till now as a new player. the main problem was the 585-600 part where i failed way too many times. if you put this kind of challange into mid-game it might push people away. i used many resources from events, crystals etc. i even dismantled my alts’ gear. but still had to do more and more to reach 600. i know there are many ways but it can be boring to spend too many hours just to get this point. maybe it was my bad luck but i think it should not be harder to reach that point than it is to climb between 900-1000. thanks for your consideration

Doing all the islands tutorials (takes less than 24h) on google / youtube + buying materials from guild vendor and ships in every port, usually gives you enough materials to get to 600 ilvl and have some left for your alt. (Boxes given as quest rewards are rooster bound)
With the mats given from the narumi and guardian event would have been overkill.

Edit: when you reach t2, be sure to activate the honing help in your stronghold. It will give you 20 % reduced mats and honing chances for your t1 alts

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first of all thanks for all the tricks. i did open the t2 buff fand i get that it’s possible to get more mats but the problem is there are too many ways and doing them(while enjoying the game) is not that possible. i had 30 fails when i reached 600 i guess . didn’t do any extra islands to get more mats but shouldn’t’ve been forced to do everything that’s what i mean. at least not to reach 600 which is not even halfway through gearing :smiley:

I know its not ideal, but in my opinion the islands are a MUST do.

Every island rewards you with materials and the quests give you rooster exp and bonus stats, engravings, cards, etc which makes your character stronger and are required if you want to complete everything the game has to offer

Every island has it story, some of them are intresting, some of them are boring, but they are worth doing since the islands are 50% of the game content at the moment

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Why do you say you failed “way too many times?” That line alone makes the number of times you failed subjective.

I failed a sum total of zero times on 3 alts. Is my number of times ideal then? Well…I also did the events and leveled my stronghold to make it so T1 was a breeze.

Stop this nonsense of subjectiveness.

Island should be done at this point in the game.
It’s a great way to force early game players to play islands. There is no way around them, so better do them now. With even another alt, 2 event shops, guild shop, pvp shop and ship where you can buy tradable mats with each account and all the islands t2 is easily doable within 1 day. If you play the islands like explained in most guides and all the current events t3 should be doable within a week without investing too much time

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you’re talking about your alts while i’m here to talk about issues i had with my main. i said too many because that’s not how that was supposed to be it’s pretty clear .
about islands, i’m not against doing them i just wanted to say that gathering mats can be overwhelming sometimes.

this is my current fail count at 1000 ilvl and most of them was between 585-600. all i wanted to say was that made me feel like i’m being pushed to do more than i supposed to at that point but i guess we can’t share our opinions as new players.

Island QUESTS are the main source of mats early game, Some islands give absolutely ridiculous amount of mats, i’m talking THOUSANDS of fragments and like 25 shard pouches PER island in some cases, i wouldn’t count them as some -side- thing, gathering the island tokens is a side thing.

Especially now with the events you should save those books and breaths for your last few hones

No one is saying you arn’t allowed to ”share your opinion as new players” rather that you are discussing an issue and people are giving you a solution.

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please don’t get me wrong i said that because of what honeydruid said. i would focus on islands instead of farming everything i can find in the castle if i knew about how beneficial they are. maybe that can be shown to the beginners. however, it’s still a useful tip for me as well and i’ll do the islands with my alt. thank you.

I would say around 70% of my T1 and T2 mats came from the island quests, in general you can finish an entire island in 5-20 minutes depending on which one you go to so they are really worth doing. They can be fun/interesting too as you have some interesting story/characters/scenery rather than just farming the same dull dungeon on reset

Regarding showing people they should actually do them i do agree, when i was new i had no idea what was available and it wasn’t until i was searching through a guide i saw the island rewards and went to do them all

Now that you are in T2 you could look up the T2 island route and go from there if you want

”Speedrun to t3” from maxroll is a great guide

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