Feedback changes to the chat system / sharing settings

Would it be possible to introduce a function to create and join a certain chat to certain users?
Example: Italian / Spanish / French players etc create a chat only for Italian / Spanish / French etc, the chat to be joined requires chat ID + password.
In this way, communities can organize themselves and create community events without disturbing an entire server in global chat, especially if they do not speak that language.

Account sharing proposal

2022 is near and I can’t believe Lost Ark still doesn’t have the settings (e.g. chat font changes, chat create etc), guild and shareable friends list per account. (At the moment these settings are saved on a single character, so if you use a second character you will not share the guild and various settings previously created).

Would it be possible to apply these changes?

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I cannot reply to everything you typed, but i can respond to some of it.

Your first question about a joinnable chat room is already implemented but just in KR at the moment. I’d really hope we could get it in the West day one as well.

In the normal chat you can costumize the font size, color and you can create new tabs.

As for the friend list parts and guild to be the same in all chars i hope someday they change that, for now it is what it is.

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Chat changes such as tab additions etc are not saved or shared to new characters. In beta I had to recreate them several times … (I don’t know if it was a bug)

There is very complete / powerfull system in Lost Ark, like Final Fantasy linkshell – it allows to create custom chatting rooms, even with other servers of the same region. Very cool stuff, and you can create and invite everyone you want – Also you can link some of your group chats with your account (instead of your character), very nice. It is a new addition on the KR client since a few months. It will come to us eventually.

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I hope so.