[Feedback] Do you think AGS is improving their communication?

It’s been months since the game was release and AGS stated more than once that they would put in efforts to better communicate and hear feedback from us.

Taking in consideration the current, recent and past issues: Do you think AGS is doing a better job at?

Do you feel like you feedback is being heard and taken into consideration? Do you feel we get propper and reliable information about what’s going on, what is being done and how things are going to be dealt with?

Do you believe the game is in good hands and do you feel valued as a player? What do you things about the customer support? About the way they display information to us? Are you hyped about the future?

Share your thoughts.



abso f-ing lutely not.


Nope. They did one thing that is not bad which inform 1 week earlier for the tripod system and it went all down the drain. The basically lost every trust and integrity if people have to go the 1 mile just to get them to change stuff back because they never inform anybody how different they are gonna make things be instead people have to discover it on their own. That’s bad.

No. I wish they would be more transparent and tell us where they stand and keep us updated more regularly instead of just corpa messages.


Actually let me be more specific. NA communication is just non-existent especially since the latest update but its been bad since Vykas imo. On the other hand @Sandovall and @Maselbart seem to always be around helping their communities. So they get my props for at least staying active.

True, but those guys are only employees. So the amount of help they can give is almost non-existent if the higher ups dont change. pretty much AGS f’d this up so hard.

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Yeah, that’s why I said it like it did. Communication of any kind helps. Those two will at least respond to a msg and say something on trending topics. Could just be a “We’ll pass it to the team” or something similar but its communication. NA communication has been lacking for ages and in the last 2 weeks has turned to… basically nothing.

Now that is funny.

Improved? Yes. Effective? No.

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Yes and no but mostly nope🤣

Communication is not up to AGS. AGS is mainly the messenger. It’s up to SG to inform AGS and then they communicate it.

Pheons are a perfect example. This is part of the core game. People have complained about it. AGS forwarded that to SG and SG said they will change nothing.

Also, if SG does not have a response to player feedback then AGS has nothing to say either.

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Where/how? Seems to me that they are literally ignoring the community now. No engagement in current topics, no acknowledgement of feedback, no notices prior to changes(ex pheons taken during maint then announced after) etc…

Of course yes! Is improving their comunication to infinite levels!!

Some months ago, they just ignore us.

Nowadays, they write and share statements with us, even if they are false and try to stole our money using PheonsGate Trick.

Its a great evolution! Congratz AGS!!

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We are like paparazzi waiting for the moment to put them on the spotlight. They don’t need to say much for communication but their action speaks louder than words. It has been almost a month that we been having this ongoing disconnection issue. :person_shrugging:

lets see…hmmm… around 30+ threads ppl begging AGS to give ppl at least optional DLC like for KR voice for SH form

thousand+ ppl comments…ppl asking CMs to talk to us.

Its been week and 1 day, all we got is one german CM response and statement from news account which is a lie, 0 communication from eng CMs to at least make a compromise which is good for both sides

I give it -5 out of 10 :upside_down_face:


It’s even worse.

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This. AGS doesnt even have updates to most of the things people ask, when they say they are looking into it or they will forward it to the team, it means that they just did that and they still havent heard back.

It doesnt mean that people are being ignored.

No, It’s possibly the worst communication/understanding between consumer base and the people managing it. Not even modern blizzard is this out of touch

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