[Feedback] Do you think AGS is improving their communication?

This is just a way to aggregate feedback about this in one place.

If I knew Korean I would send this to SG, not like it would help as SG is probably also at fault here.

Is the title somekind of rhetorical question?
I think no one sane will say “AGS improving communication” after what happened with pheon incident.

mabey AG dont understand korean, so they think this korean sign could mean yes or mabey no.

i dont know about rest but i have gotten good communication from support team… and they have done decent job at communicating updates but i do wish they would announce big balance updates much earlier for preparation.

No, they’re still the worst game company I’ve ever been a costumer at :frowning:

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Not at all.

It was probably just a bait to get more players back that days.

This was my first Game published by AGS and for sure the last.

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They only ‘improvement’ that I have witnessed is their propensity to divide the community with every bad decision they make has become far more prominent.

Though I think at this point that they do that on purpose.

Short answer: No.


Unfortunately what we can see communication is definitely dead. We had live chat is gone now which it makes communication much WORSE!

what communication?

We don’t need feedbacks we need fixes and get rid of bots. They are multiplying like cochroaches!

instead of getting better it’s gotten worse!

Lost Ark is sinking. Disconnection and no compensation. Auction house error is gettting worse.

Yes and no.

I do believe people aren’t happy. But I it’s a good idea to concentrate some of the feedback in one topic (Regardless if people do think they are improving or not).

It’s easier to show it to them if necessary.

Is there even a way for the playerbase to contact SmileGate?

I say this because i just feel AGS is not communicating the full story to Smilegate. Especially if they know Smilegate will not look at our forums.

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First 5-6 months they got hammered for being so bad they continued to tell they would improve and honestly for 2 or 3 months they did improve a bit but the last few months they have gone back to how bad they were from the start especially with the shadowhunter changes and everything else they are doing wrong. I just don’t think there is a single person in their team who has a passion for the game so they put no effort in at all. It’s just a job to them and if they have a choice or easy or hard route they are just gonna take the easy route, no effort no care if people leave and the game dies they aren’t bothered will just be moved to somewhere else at amazon.

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Until someone other then their CM talks to us no

Because someone taking ownership over what they say as an Amazon employee is just too much to bear.

So they all hide behind Roxx, Sandoval, and the other 5 CMs we get to see.

towards who, not retarding the players complaints.

no …