Feedback for releasing patch notes going forward

If you plan on releasing patch notes the day before patches then you should have the patch notes ready by the end of Tuesday’s work day. That way you can post them at the BEGINNING of the Wednesday work day, which is what? 9-10am PST?

There is no way you are still editing patch notes this late the day before…cmon guys.


Why would they release patch note when collecting data is more important ?


This late? It’s not even time to clock out where Amazon Games is located.

Europe receives the patch notes at the same time as NA though. It’s almost 12am in Europe lmao. I live in NA, but imagine you don’t receive patch notes until like 1am.

Its literally only 2:30pm where they are. WYM this late?

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How am I ever going to be able to continue playing this video game if I don’t get patch notes? The horror!

Patch notes will drop during maintenence

No the patch notes will drop around the same time they do every week since the NA/EU launch. Within the next 2 hours.

I guess the point of this post is to be conscious of EU times. i live in NA but if i was in EU and told patch notes 4/20 and its 4/21 thats just one more lie… Make it so EU at least gets it 11:59pm xD

The servers are almost ALWAYS in maintenance for EU when theres a patch. They have time to read the patch notes when they wake up in the morning before servers are back online. Maybe im just confused about the issue

it is 23h38 for me atm so ? Because AGS is based in californie we can’t have patch note as mentionned to the 20/04 ?

My guess is that they are getting the Patchnotes from SG and need to translate them before posting them. Could be something different also

Its 20/04 where AGS is located for the next 9.5 hours my friend. They work on their time. Not yours.


So can you explain me how blizzard is doing it ? While beeing in NA, EU, Asia, etc.
I’m waiting your smartest response

different game bro. grow up

They probably have Teams in their respective timezones and are not getting their patches from outside.

Almost no online game releases official full patch notes until the game goes down for the update.