Feedback from a 300+ hr player

First up,
absolutely fantastic game, its been a long time since i had this much fun in a mmo and I’ve played most of them to endgame levels.

However here is some negative feedback from I guess a ‘western’ perspective from a player who spent most of their free time playing games or surfing the internet.

  1. Sort out pirate ships with scaling or something.
  2. Event auctions. You know what the avg prices of stuff is, please use it to pick like a pool of say the top 10 items on AH or something.
  3. Honing systems… Like what can I say. Change it to suit the audience as I would pick this as the top reason why you will lose players. That feeling of getting fail after fail and being locked into same content instead of progressing is… horrible. You know what chars failure rates are as its tracked in game, use that data to make the RNG balance out between accounts or something, or just give it the flick and have no failures with a chance to get a double hone or something. Lose this terrible bad feeling of fail and splitting the ability of friends to stay at the same level for the same effort.
  4. Card system number need to be boosted… a lot, is not fun to be unable to add cards this early into the game.
  5. Nerf to daily content imo is ok, nerfing abyss dungeons kinda makes it pointless, i suspect a lot of the slow to progress players that like a challenge will just quit.
  6. Try and do something with the way event islands and stuff fill. Maybe have a 30s time and split the people evenly. Being in that last group with a couple of people when there are x channels in the red is not fun.
    7, Island/event timers. There are a lot of people in different time zones with different work times, at the minimum have like a 4x6hr apart for people that can’t make the normal times.
  7. Honing mats, just bind as a currency. Its annoying to have like tons of t1/t2 mats on a t3 character and can’t trade them to your alts.
  8. Introduce some sort of economy control so gold/gem trading gets encouraged to hover around whatever is the acceptable money making point for amazon. If it gets to out of control you will lose a lot of the f2p player base, especially with the current stupid honing fail system.
  9. Get ahead of whatever changes you are goign to make to honing catchup or whatever early, a lot of people are going to be very very dirty if they have done the hard yard to get to high t3 etc and suddenly everyone else gets a free pass.

Anyway thats my feedback.
Ty for a great game.

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