Feedback, lockable skill bar?


During the intensity of PVP, I have occasionally right-clicked on my skill bar and opened the Skill UI.

I imagine it’s quite easy to add an option to lock the skill bar?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I couldnt leave this in the feedback section but hopefully it gets noticed.


People on reddit already responded to you. You cannot lock it . With time it will become easier - and you will get used with the system.

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That never happened to me. What resolution are you playing in?

You have an option in the settings to disable clicks on the right side (battle items and quick-slots), but not for the left side (skills).

I think he’s making a request for this feature.

unnecessary - but It might come in the future. KR will have an update that will give more freedom and customizing options. So maybe

this got to be the most fuckin annoying aspect of the game… it’s so fuckin easy to drag skills off the bar, not even a fuckin confirmation? like wtf… lock skill bar is fuckin neccessary.


^ Agree 100%. It’s going to be one of the reasons I stop playing this game. Pay no mind to the dum dums above that claim “it isn’t necessary”. Not only is it necessary, it should be mandatory in any game that claims to be an MMO today. Extraordinarily annoying.


Unnecessary ?

It’s like one of the most basic staple in the genre.

I reckon that some game like Path of Chris Vision still haven’t properly integrated it though.

But it’s just basic QOL that any game should provide imho.

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Some instances have it locked - you cant change spells even if you want or try.
So code exist to lock hud already in game and i hate that we don’t have it on disposition.

i hate when i do mouse over a skill bar i see Popin Descriptions covering the screen. is there a way to disable these messages ?

Why is there no lock button for the skill bar?

I’m finding more and more stupid little issues about this game that need to be fixed

First thing i learned in this game that skill bar CAN be locked.
Code exist.
When i entered in training room my skill bar was locked and with skills (spells) newer use.
I pressed K to change and put my spells on skill bar and discovered that is locked and cant change it.
I also use left mouse to move and right click to attack with spell under right click which even support don’t know what is because it cant be changed too. ( is fastest sorc spell but cant be changed in something more powerful - it das almost no damage .