Feedback May Update

Just my Feedback for the May update since the CM like to have that

List of what it should have

-Valtan, Descaluda, Thunderwing and everything else the South Vern update was missing
-Powerpass ilvl 1302 Punika to make it easier for Destroyer mains and get a Lopang Alt :slight_smile:
-More Events Pls
-Are we just going to get 1 QoL Feature per Update?
-Sure more skins
-Honing buff T1,T2, and 1340 to 1370

Yea thats it so far seems reasonable


I agree with OP.

And also agree on a catch-up/power pass at least Punika for Destroyer. In my mind this should be normal, but yeah i guess its a good thing to show our support toward this kind of demand.

Why would t1 T2 need honing buffs? Honing is easy as hell with main on t1 T2 and as soon as u buff it via stronghold why would u need change honing t1 T2

Because it’s normal for the game to get that honing buff. Not sure why adding that is a bad thing.

Also gib the front / back attack indicator pls

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Lets please not talk about t1 and t2 and focus on the t3 stuff.

I agree with you i was surprised about OP bringing that up but let this slip away and just answer of t3 if thats ok with you and future people that answer.

Maybe we get only 1 event and 1 skin from all what u said, that would be sad


Only problem with t3 pass would be bots. We would be forced to close area chat in chat options, which is pretty fun to read those sometimes in punika.

It’s nowhere near easy even with stronghold buffs. Shards are expensive, you can fail on 70% chances, leapstones are hard to get if you’re not buying them… No reason for the game to keep newbies in t1 and t2 for this long. Should just boost everyone to t3 so that they can practice up to date content more.

They should add the spoonfeed event where someone is coming to me and feeds me food with a spoon.

There is a good reason why the AFK-type of games on mobile are most profitable currently… just saying.

Because having 100% honing on T1 and T2 gives new player the impression that honing is so easy then they hit T3 they get the lowest percentage possible and quit out of frustration.

With the new hairstyles etc coming with the May patch, even if it’s just on a weekly , even monthly limit, i’d love to be able to grab some appearance change tickets for blue crystals.

The thought of fixing 7 toons hair at a flat cash value is very daunting, being able to whittle away at them with a weekly appearance change ticket (or more) for blue crystals would be nice, and encourage participation in the exchange market.

Is that why Lost Ark in KR is so massively successful?

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Because they have all the sources on getting honing materials and all the dungeons unlocked. Compare it to NA we don’t have those supply of mats and dungeons. And personally the main frustration on honing is it’s already low chance, and you can only hone 2-3 times per day at T3 1370+

Oh and one more thing, KRs are used to having shit advancement on item gears, Ragnarok Online alone from before destroys your item if it fails refining. Compared to the western players

They aren’t releasing more content for us because people haven’t reached T3 and above yet they aren’t fast tracking t1/t2 progression. There’s legit no point to have people waste their time in t1 and t2, just give us the boosts that KR has for <T3.

too early for honing buff

I wish they would release normal mode Vykas next patch. Even if this wasn’t the order in Korea, it just makes sense to release 1415 1430 and 1445 bosses at the same time instead of 1415 and 1445 only.

Don’t forget an option to turn off profanity filter.