Feedback : maybe do that to dynamize game and servers

hi , i play lost ark like a lot of peoples but i play 3-4 hours a day , i like to take my time i am not always on my computer doing all the things , but when i try to do all the things let me tell you that it never happen , i basically can’t do all chaos daily on my characters and not all raid and not all una’s task , i have only 3 hours to dedicate at the game each day so i was thinking " a lot of peoples maybe are like me and they can’t complete all things and they simply quit due to the fact that they are thinking they are too much things to do in a so low amount of times allowed each day on farming"

i conclude " peoples are at work a lot of the day time and they only have few hours to spend in the game after all their job is done"

why don’t you simplify the game things to do ? you can do the following thing i have thinked and then maybe a lot of players will come again and say to themselves " i can do it each day now "

example to do this : make only chaos per character and per day only to do
and make only one una task per day and per character (only dailies ) the weekly just reduced in number of chaos needed to complete the task .

doing this can dynamize the game by a lot . ty reading .

There is Rest Bonus for each of the things youve mentioned. As everyone is aware you cant do all of them across all your characters every day.
Let the bonus build and get them as you see fit.

Daily Una also have items to autocomplete.

Tbf, there is nothing game breaking or huge advantages for doing Una daily/weekly all the time. Let the rest build up. Enjoy rest of game

The game is already oversimplified in many ways.
Rested bonus exist for people like you.
But besides that it takes less than 2 hours to clear a full roster. Simply don’t do stuff if you don’t have the time. Your idea only gatekeeps players who would like to get a little bit more out of the game.
Not like there’s actually much todo compared to other mmos.
But it’s a mmo after all so no thanks to your weird idea

i think players want to play at all stages of multiplayer experience and una’s tasks are just not multiplayer , they are "your daily things to do " and all dailies in all game are not good because they force players to ddo things they don’t like to , i currently don’t do my una’s task i just want the multiplayer aspect of the game .