Feedback: more hotkeys for control pad

Im playing with the control pad (Xbox control) sometimes and its really fun
but… could be more fun if some screens had more hotkeys

for example, the ship screen could have some hotkey for dock and another for go sailing (I dont remember the right name of the bottom now) On a traditional keyboard, when you press to enter the game considered OK for a party invite, but in control pad doesnt have a hotkey like that
I know I can use the cursor to do those things, but the cursor in the control pad is not as good as a mouse
there are some other screens that could have more hotkeys for playing on the control pad

maybe with that… Is Lost Ark could be migrated for Playstation or Xbox? =D

Heya @Jubileu. We appreciate the awesome feedback. I will forward your suggestions to the Development team. :slight_smile:

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