Feedback on customization


I would love to just port KR’s customization files into NA version and be able to use it right away but it seems like a lot of facial templates we have do not match the KR version.

I am not sure why devs decided to change the face templates, but some of the really “good ones” that most KR players use for customizations are the ones that were replaced.

It would be nice to just share the same customization template as KR.


Because “DiVeRsIty” and “RePrEsEnTaTiOn” of course:

What about blackwashing Shadowhunter?

You can read more about this here: Lost Ark post preservation. - Album on Imgur
Because all my threads about this problem got deleted without any answer or reason.

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They could have just added a second page instead… to me, their solution seemed really lazy at best