Feedback on finding a guild

I know there’s a forum category for that, but… I still want to complain about the in-game guild fining system. It basically doesn’t work unless you’re lucky.

I tried joining (instantly) 5 or 6 times already and each time, although it had many players (as shown in the list), the guild was actually very dead, with at most 1 or 2 active players and often lots of alts. My point is you can’t really know if the guild is active based on what is shown. So a solution would be to join/leave many times until you find one, but that’s not possible either as I found now that I have a 24h cooldown, and it gets worse at lvl 50. And without a global chat where people could advertise or post “looking for guild”, I haven’t seen any other way in game to help.

And, ok there’s a forum here, but I saw one post for my server in the past few months, so doesn’t seem like a solution either.

Looks like you picked a very dead server. What server are you on? The big ones all have their own discords and have a somewhat active LF guild channel

i recommend you , to use the Area-chat of North Vern or the Areachat while on Sea , this 2 are the most crowded ones to find an active guild

the Guild finding option is bad yes , you wont get enough information from Guilds

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You mean as a channel on the server’s Discord? Didn’t even think that was a thing - a server-wide discord… But given the lack of a global chat in-game, I guess it makes sense. I’m on [NA East - Una].

Una has a fairly active discord.

They have multiple channels for guilds. Go look in there!


the best way to look for active guilds are to look for guilds which do the siege gvg matches weekly, not just the raid matches. They occupy islands weekly usually. Check out the most lucrative islands, or the guild ranking system for the top guilds, they usually have a discord too, bec they need to organise 10+man events.

They probably never thought this would be an issue since the game is still very much alive with an incredibly healthy population in KR for the past 3 years since 2019.

Who knew issues as such would arise only 1 year after AGS took the game and reduced more than half of its playerbase to atoms? :sweat_smile:

Maybe some more specific feedback for improving the in-game system instead of me just complaining:

Add “advanced filtering” options and/or columns in the guild table to show the guilds that have:
At least X number of players (roster, not individual characters) online in the last Y days. Where X and Y would be chosen by us. Y=0 days could mean “online now”.

Or if adding the interface for this is too much work, then you could improve the random selection to take those factors into account in the background.

Also, given that there’s a 3 day cooling period when joining a guild for almost everything, do we really need a long cooldown when leaving? Why not just prevent everything when joining, even donations, if that’s the reason for the leaving delay. Then it would be ok to swap guilds quickly until we find one that suits us.