Feedback on locking char creation

When Can we expect our free to play friends being able to create characters on the servers that founders where able to play on? 4 of my friend group bought the founder packs and we decided as a friend group of 9 that we are playing on regulos server. Now comes the release date and the 5 that didnt buy the packs cant even play with us 4 who already got to lvl 50 and started gearing. Now that the char creation is locked the 5 ppl that were going to play don’t want to play if they cant make chars on our server because they don’t want the 4 who paid to have to completely restart the game. I feel that char creation shouldn’t have been locked day 1 but maybe the day after so it can give the free to play friends and chance to be able to play with their friends that paid for the founders instead of completely screwing them out of this experience.