Feedback on the game content

In the recent podcast with Sywo, Lin-O, Wilky and Roxx, it came up that feedback was desired on the game’s actual content. So here’s mine. Sorry about the length of the post, I try to address various parts of the game:

I had time to play just past lv 30, up to the jester infiltration mission.

In terms of the main plot, I generally liked it. The stakes are big, the player has big goals and characters I met were mostly interesting. I’d like to criticise the frequency of NPCs arriving in the nick of time to kill steal an enemy or save the player or do things while the player lies defeated. If the player is present in the scene, it’s better if they are involved in the outcome. Other NPCs interaction is better shown to the player as taking place elsewhere. A related issue is that Kharmine annoyed me due to his habit of getting away with things unopposed and unfairly while everyone just stood by. Prince Thirain and his sword were interesting. Finally, while player goals were big, they didn’t feel particularly personal. It’s easier to get a player invested if things revolve around something personal to the player character. Have them cursed, hurt their loved ones, hurt their pride and honor, etc.

I liked the amount of side quests and the fact they were usually easy to do along with the main quest, but I wished their plots were more interesting. Their proximity to the main quest should allow for more significant, more epic side stories. Trivial errands aren’t interesting. Rewards also felt generally low. A few interesting rewards here and there, like a skin, pet, mount, stronghold structure or just more frequent stat potions or skill points would help keep players interested.

The dungeons I played were mostly easy, but very pretty and fun to play in a group. The biggest downside were cutscenes, since half the party always wanted to skip. If possible, beginning cutscenes should occur in a quest before entering. Cutscenes in the dungeon and pre-boss should be short. Final cutscenes should take place after the boss is dead and looted and the party has had a chance to say goodbyes, so uninterested players don’t need to wait.

World bosses were fun battles and seemed more challenging than other bosses up to that point. No complaints on the battles themselves, but I would’ve liked to see such important enemies introduced with some story in a quest or few.

That’s it for the amount of content I was able to play. I didn’t get into stronghold stuff yet, and I can provide more content feedback after release.