Feedback regarding the gear progression in lost ark

there is no point of this topic

Paragraphs would really help.

im sorry i dont speak english very well used google translate alote


Do you also not have punctuation in your language? From what I managed to gather while reading parts of this migraine inducing wall of text is that - you haven’t stated anything that has not been already talked about. Your concerns are shared by many and have been noted by AGS.

At least you try to give your feedback in your own terms :slight_smile:

I actually think that some languages don’t.
Maybe I am totally wrong here but based on what I understand in Japanese for example punctuation isn’t a thing and I think that’s the same in Middle Eastern languages too.

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alright i guess im gonna delete my thing coz there is no need for it and its seems its annoying to english speakers coz all they are focusing on is how its written

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This is correct.

While not punctuation per say English is a very fucked up language. Let me do a few examples that are grammatically correct in every aspect.

The apple was big, green, and round.
The apple was green, big, and round.
The apple was round, big, and green.

All of those are correct, but for native English speakers the first one is the one that we would associate with being correct.

When I was talking with a Japanese friend he used the second one and it threw me off because I myself thought it was wrong. He straight up schooled me in English when he was like, but there is no rule for it.

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