Feedback regarding the questionable gold time restriction

Normally im not someone who likes complaining but this is just unacceptable.
I have a scrapper alt at 1370 which has a malic because the market simply did not have anything else.
Now i use money, im not f2p.
So just now i checked the market again and discovered a item which would solve my malice poblem but i cant buy it right now because the gold is trade restricted? REALLY?
And the issue is until the gold is “freed” the item will have either be bought OR expired.

I get the issue it tries to solve but this basically ruins the fun for me because now i need to hope that when the gold is freed i can buy it.

Please revert this or add a trusted level, again normally i dont complain but this upset me somewhat.


Update: i was able to get the item by selling mats from my main but i still think this is a big issue which needs to be solved.

simple solution, stop buying gold

they have no reason to change this if people keep buying

i dont think you understood why they did it.
Its to stop refunds/scams/fake credit cards.
Not to hinder people legally buying gold.

Shame is all it does is drive payers to RMT since that gold would be available instantly. Sure it stops scams and charge backs but a 3 day lock on gold acquired legally being locked to literally everything except the gambling mechanics is rough.

oh and i thought they just want to annoy people who want to give them money, thanks for enlightening me

thats actually true…

Heya @Liz3! Thanks for the feedback regarding the gold restriction. I will notate and pass along your feedback to the Development team to review. :slightly_smiling_face:


anything regarding this?