Feedback & suggestion after 330 hours

Hello everyone and hello Smilegate/Amazon,

After 330 hours put into this game since the pre-release (8 february), i thought i would give some feedback on the game and the issues i encountered.
For context, i’m playing gunslinger and i’m at the beginning of the T3 content.
By the way, english is not my first language so i’m sorry for the mispelling.

| Guardian Raids |

  • Vertus was recently nerfed, yet he remain a “difficult” guardian, and here is why : it’s not a difficult boss, it’s a bad design. His most dangerous attack, the grab, sometimes comes out of nowhere without any visual indication. 360° rotation and grab in less than 2 seconds and nothing tells you it’s about to happen. We are supposed to stagger him when he does that, yet, it seems like his stagger bar is infinite at this moment, add to the fact that he moves around and smash the floor around him.

  • Also, he’s clearly an anti-melee guardian, try to stay behind him and he is gonna spam one of his 3 tail pattern, 2 are indicated by the boss moves, good, the third is not (when he smash his tail 3 times in a row behind him).

  • I could go on with this boss, like with the freezing zones he spawn that are almost impossible to see, or his breath that hit you and aspirate you even when you are on the side but i will stop here.

TL;DR : Most of the time, it’s not hard content, it’s bad design. Vertus & Sigmund the Immortal’s waves in Necromancer’s Origin are good example.

  • ALSO, guardian soul harvesting should be automatic.

| Abyssal Dungeon |

  • We could use some features to use in abyssal that exist in other game, especially for group organization, like zone marking (like in WoW), so instead of pinging 10 times in a row to show where someone is supposed to be, we can put mark down that stays until we remove them.
    A ready call too.

  • If someones leave or disconnect during an abyssal dungeon (of 8 players), you can’t kick him and look for someone to replace him, you have to quit the dungeon. YET, if you leave the dungeon, you can’t kick the disconnected user anyway for some reason, so you have to quit the group and create it again. Congratulation, you just lost 20 minutes and have to do it all over again because someone disconnected in front of the last boss in Alaric’s Sanctuary.

  • Give the players an easy way to repair during a dungeon. I’m a founder with crystalline aura since i started so i don’t have that issue, but a lot of free to play players do. Wiping on a boss multiple time in a row is enough of a punition.

| Miscellaneous |

  • HP Potions should not be bound to a character.
  • Item crafting (Potions, Grenades…) should not take so much time and energy to craft.
  • The game revolve a lot around the roster system and the creation of alt, yet it seems like 90% of the items of the game are bound to character for some reason. I might have missed something so i don’t blame the game yet.
  • When a player press the “restart” button during a guardian boss or abyssal boss, it shouldn’t show a big dialog box in the middle of the screen, other players are trying to play, just make a smaller box in a corner of the screen!!

I might be missing some things i wanted to add so i may edit my post later (if it’s possible) if something flash in my mind.
Thanks for reading.

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