Feedbacks about abyssal dungeon T2


I don’t care whether this thread will get flamed by anyone.
Just want to say out my opinions.

I have cleared the dungeon 9 times I completely know the mechanics. Not confused or anything. Please read properly this is a long thread sorry. This is a feedback after watching ppl dies a lot of times.

Firstly the matchmaking. I have matchmake with 3 sorc. how do i expect to do stagger ?
c’mon 3 sorc… i can only complete the below 2 raids mentioned if i have high stagger class…i not sure what the other players are thinking but so far i noticed they don’t use stagger.

The road of lament is still okay (it fails if anyone screwed up and it’s quite easy since the red ball is traveling faster then the yellow ones and sometimes they are very close.) not much complain here since understanding the mechanics and some luck will let u pass the game easily even with bare min item level 840.

Forge of fallen pride is just a disaster. it requires surviving the normal blast that the boss is dealing!!! understanding the mechanics or not is really secondary.

The final boss will spawn out 2 red and white clones. Most of the times, low item level just died even before this happens. Even with heavy armor engraving level 3 i can survive but i am usually down to 50%. (I am arty with 20% dmg reduction and 100% bonus def…) not talking about wipe mechanic cause it way before this happens

how do you expect the 840 bare min item level to kill the white and red while 2 of them usually staggers you and the main boss deal quite a punch. some class are just too glass cannon.

I cant possibly resort to flaming on my team mates that’s ridiculous.

Sorceresses have a lot of stagger, actually… and if it somehow isn’t enough, they have to use whirlwind bombs. If you are very familiar with the fights I’d recommend you use party finder instead of matchmaking but it sounds like you don’t completely understand the fights either, because you’re definitely not supposed to eat the damage from the last boss. There are ways to take 0 damage.

Jeah how are u supposed to get stagger with (sorc) the class that has 70% of their abilitys have stagger mid or better xD

If u really try to kill both kaishur clones thats on u aswell… u kill the one in with the color corresponding to the orb he has in his hand. And ignore the other.

But hey i guess mechanics are secondary…

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Please show me video of you taking 0 damages on any T2 gear. And i put your reply as solution. :slight_smile: i am playing it slow so i actually at 3 characters at T2 for 3 weeks. so i played 9 matches so far. all my characters are high item levels, so practically i am going in just for gold. btw you taking 0 damages means ur team mates are gotta get kill. i am aggro-ing the boss so my paper team mates don’t die.

Did you read Sorc spells at all ? Get good dude

if you guys read, i am an arty. :slight_smile: come on guys please read.

Why would you say 3 sorc is bad if you didnt know about their good stagger? Also watch a video on mechanics if you’re that confused. When the boss makes the red and white enemies, the boss color becomes white or red, you only kill the same color enemy and the other one disappears. It makes a big circle on the ground and you stand in it to take 0 damage from the explosion.

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Please read. Sorry if you don’t understand . I am not flaming with 3 sorcs or wipe mechanisms. Most of you just read the first paragraph and give comments.

Whatever my feedbacks is at the back of the thread start.

Boss deal normal damage and every one dead usually I am surviving . I am not talking about the wipe mechanism. Please know how to differentiate high damage and wipe mechanisms.

Once again please read.

But yea thanks. The replies make me realised my phrasing is bad and cause misunderstanding.

On kaishur all his attacks are dodgeable before u get to the phantoms.
Also make sure to not hit him when he has a red shield around him. Cause he will convert that into a dmg wave depending on how hard u hit him.
For the phantoms u only kill the one with the same color as the orb hes holding.
So at least for this fight the tankyness of a class should not matter cause u can avoid basically all or at least most of his dmg.