[Feedback/Suggestion] Profanity Filter Toggle

I hereby kindly suggest/request to implement a local toggle for your various filters.

Warning: personal opinions ahead. My reasoning for this is also a small rant.

This really annoys me. I am playing on a (more or less) international server now, but when the headstart rolled out on the 8th, I started on Asta. Not because I like playing with random germans, but because all my friends who were going to come later told me they would go there.

When I started playing, I immediately noticed the filter - and the lack of a toggle option for it.
It is so bad, it even censors words in my own language - WHICH IS GERMAN. Why? because it might sound like a racial insult if you add a letter here or remove one there. This is absolutely unacceptable. If your filter isn’t good enough to actually distinguish between real words and percieved insults, then it should either not be there or have an option to disable it. The user experience is horrible.

I am not a child anymore, I am almost 30. The game is free-to-play with an age restriction of 16 in the west as far as I know and there is blood, gore and violence in it. There is cruelty. There is love. There is political intrigue.
All kinds of mature themes are touched upon in the game. Why you would think it necessary to “protect” the players from “harmful” text is beyond me. Just thinking about it makes my head spin from the mental gymnastics you have to do to justify this.

I get that games have profanity filters. I understand their usefulness. I even understand that it is good to have them enabled by default - I would even advocate for them to be if they weren’t.

But taking away that choice? We aren’t little, scared children that need to hide behind a dumb automaton to protect us from speech. And even a 16 year old would deserve the choice.

/rant end

Please, just let us disable your abomination of a filter. I want to know what people say - so I can judge them accordingly.

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