Feiton Hidden Stories Interaction Bug (And others)

I looked up a guide, and made sure I picked up the pre requisite hidden story before going to the next one. The hidden story I am trying to accomplish is ‘His Name is’ for my Feiton Adventure Tome progression, but I cannot interact with the hidden story object. I looked in my Adventure Tome and made sure I was on this part of the Hidden Story. I have looked around online and saw others with similar problems interacting with hidden stories for different continents Adventure Tomes. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

You gain a buff when you interact with a Hidden Story object, and that buff has a timer. You have to go to the next object for said Hidden Story in that allotted time. Transformations will remove that timer.

I know for a fact it’s not bugged, because I did all of them (unless a patch borked how Hidden Story objects work).

So how do I get a buff If I don’t make it in time?

Go to the #1 object again, and repeat. There are no Hidden Story objects that can’t be interacted with if you go straight to it after interacting with the previous one, the timer is generous.

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Thank you, this was it!