Feiton Pass redemption period misinformation

It is amazing how every tooltip you read in game about the Feiton pass it states that it will expire in June, but as soon as you use it, in the title screen, it shows a one week expiration date.


There is already multiple people accusing the same thing and simply getting no response of a possible fix.

This is not player mistake so we need to get some kind of statement about it.
I would definitely use the pass on a future character before it expired, but now it feels like I NEED to use it just so I don’t miss it.


Fixed an issue with the Feiton Powerpass showing an expiration of 7 days after you’ve claimed it. For those that have already claimed it, we will fix that issue with our next update, before the item expires.


Yea - they just announced they were fixing this after I already use, saw the quick expiration, and consumed it on a class that I didn’t even really want to play because I didn’t want to lose the pass… The fix is nice, but would have been better sooner…

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They’ll likely give another one for Destroyer as well as other class releases. As KR does for their releases (granted theirs are farther apart)

If they don’t it’d be a nightmare for them to not say such prior to this update. It wouldn’t look good for AGS nor Smilegate to not give such notice. Which Smilegate has done once, when they released two classes really close to each other.

Thank you. Didn’t see the announcement.