Feiton Power pass issue

The powerpass is supposed to be till June 30th why does it show only till the 28th of April?


I want to know this too, it is supposed to be a bug?

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Well first off that says Trixion, not Feiton.

please claim yours and tell me the same thing. Trixion is a location.

Go to your character select screen, pick your character you want to Powerpass, click the gold Powerpass button.

Assuming you got your Feiton powerpass and right clicked it to add it to your account already.

check the server page before you go to your character server where it shows how many characters.

Yes, and? The other 2 say Vern Pass.

though this is what you said :rofl:

Oh no… I intended to use the Feiton Powerpass on the Destroyer because it’s still unclear if he comes with one and Roxx hasn’t replied yet to that one thread asking about it.

In-game it said till 30th June. I just used it, I hope I didn’t screw myself on this. Sigh.

True, I’ve always ignored those notices because they mean nothing to me. This is the first time I’ve ever actually looked at them and moused over it.

Regardless, the ticket has its own expiration.

I know really I only claimed it as I thought to save inventory space not that it had 1 week after claiming…

The item itself has no warning what so ever that if you claim you have only 7 days to use it. SG and AGS wtf is this?? Extend the time limit for us till 6/30 or give us a fix for this. This is just plain stupid and false advertisement.

@Roxx Please help us and take this to the devs or heads and let our voices be heard. I’m sure a lot of of other players were most likely saving the powerpass for Destroyer and now we can’t.


Any acknowledgement for this issue? Would have been really nice to know it would only last a week after activating it if that was the plan. And if it wasnt, will we get a new one or at least notified about it in time?


Please can we get a response from the AGS team regarding this. I feel this is on the same level as the dye issue where the tooltip is completely misleading. I suspect many have done what I did and claimed it and are waiting to use it for destroyer but now we have only a week to use it.

Yeah everyone is having this issue when you claim the ticket from your inventory. No where does it say it only lasts for 7 days once claimed. I think this is an easy fix, but it needs to be fixed within the next 5-6 days before passes expire.

Yup I did this along with the super express on my main. I was over the pass on my main until I ran across a similar post like this on Reddit. This is completely ridiculous none of this is explained at all. Why even have two different timers on it anyway?

The combat engraving rewards for the express pass are missing a bunch too.

Commonsense thrown completely to the wind.

I just want to contribute by saying I also used the ticket because I didnt want the mail notification or the ticket in my inventory. As far as I am concerned there is no warning for this so I really want to know if there is going to be something done. I will use it, but would rather now if it has to be within the next 5 days.

Already made a post about it but yeah, this need to be fixed. And they have no excuse from any missread for that.


Cant wait for people to complain about losing their powerpass in 7 days time :rofl: