Feiton Power Pass still expires on June 30th?

Since only the Super Express event is extended but not the Feiton Power Pass, I suppose it still expires on June 30th (After activating it from inventory)?

This hasn’t changed unfortunately

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what expiration date?

Thanks Roxx!

All good. Getting clarification is at least better than leaving things unknown in chaos.

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Yeah it’s this one. Watch out it is an event pass so it DOES have an expiration date which is June 30th.

This was mentioned in-game before you load the pass (i.e., when the pass was still in your inventory, it has a date on it. Once you activated the pass, you can’t see the date anymore just like what you’ve shown in the pic).

Later they clarified it in a forum post since it caused lots of confusion back in the day.

You better not ask them to fix it on the server selection screen cause that might be an argument to delay vykas by another week.

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Thank you, I had no idea.

Well this messes up some plans I had made considering passes and express events.

Is the ingame time of the super express event also messed up? It states there it’ll last till the 28th of July and you set it was extended, but the adjusted date is the 20th of July iirc?

I have no idea about the express event expiration since I’ve completed it already. But always refer to what the CM posted.

So even if it says no limit
It still expire at 30th June?

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They probably do not want to overlap the Feiton and Punika power passes. Encourage people to make those alts and play them now. Then bail and repeat. Maybe make some artists… uh bards?