Feiton powerpass cancel?

AGS gave us a Feiton PowerPass WITHOUT expiration, as image demonstrates:


Then, announcing a HOTFIX (it wasn’t even a scheduled update),
@Shadow_Fox stated ([Downtime] All Regions, Lost Ark Hotfix - 7/2 @ 12 AM PT / 07 AM UTC / 09 AM CEST) that AGS decided that the NO-EXPIRATION POWERPASS shall expire? WTH?!

Considering AGS stated that we’re NOT gonna have a powerpass every class launch, some of us are using those powerpasses given to plan ahead - as for me, who am still waiting for Scouter and Artist. And we’re doing it because you guys gave us NO EXPIRATION powerpasses.

That jeopardizes all players who are planning ahead. Besides, changing the rules of the game at the last moment, AFTER that right was granted, doesn’t seem right to me.

What are you guys up to? Losing players?

Hi @Nitrao.

Hope you’re doing well :sunny:

Please note that redeemed Feiton powerpasses show an “Expiration: No Limit” message in-game, but these will expire after July 20th.

Refer to the official update from our CMs for more details:

Stay safe! :raised_hands: