Feiton Powerpass - Class engravings

so I’m looking to be a future Glaivier main and I’ve been wondering how is it with the Feiton powerpass and class engravings. Will we get free 20 Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chests? If not will the quest in Luttera that provides you with them be available even though you have used powerpass or will I just have to buy them from the market? Or are there any islands that provide you with these? Cheers (Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else)

normally with the power pass you get engravings, guess we’ll have to see if its confirmed or not.

There’s tons of islands that provide them, there’s also a quest line you can do on every character to get books.

Filter class engraving rewards

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I was wondering the same thing. Powerpass i think completes all quests unlike Knowledge transfer.

Also will the engraving pouch i am keeping now have the new engravings available inside ?

If it’s the same as Korea some of them will and some of them won’t. One of the Koreans on reddit mentioned not all of the sources get updated.