Feiton Powerpass Missing Skill Points?

I’m leveling 2 alts together. I used my Feiton Powerpass on one of them . She is iLevel 960 w/ 300 skill points. On the second one, I did Yorn MSQ and Feiton MSQ + side quests. He is iLevel 960 w/ 306 skill points. Neither has done any other quests. I realize there are two Feiton side quests which provde 3 skill points each. However, it’s my understanding using a Powerpass completes both MSQs and all side quests. Additionally, the quest journal for my Feiton Powerpass alt notes both of those side quests as completed. So, why don’t both alts have the same number of skill points? Any thoughts would be appreciated…

One character is lower level than the other. Item level doesn’t award skill points. Character level does.

must be this because once you’ve done a sidequest with skill point it’s on your roster you don’t need to complete it again with your alts to get skill point for them.

lol Thanks for the reminder. With so much emphasis on item level and, to a lesser degree, roster level, I forgot the importance of each character’s experience level. The Feighton Powerpass toon is 50.19 and the other toon is 51.02.

With that being said, and the minimal experience gain provided by killing random mobs (which I generally avoid), I’m surprised there’s such a difference in experience gained between a Feighton Powerpass character and one who “manually” went through Yorn and Feighton. Oh well…

Alts will catch up in level. There’s exp boost training in the stronghold eventually, and there’s also a training dummy in the stronghold that you can set characters to gain exp from.

After a while, all of your alts will be 1 level behind your main. Then once your main is 60 they’ll all eventually catch up.

Agreed. However, I still think it’s odd that 2 alts created at the same time and having done the same content - the only difference being one used a Feiton Powerpass and the other “manually” completed Yorn and Feiton - wind up with such an experience difference that the former has 6 fewer skill points than the latter.

Powerpasses and Knowledge Transfers obviously are great tools and certainly make things easier for someone with multiple toons. With that said, I’m guessing there’s a significant portion of players who assume a toon leveled up with a Powerpass or Knowledge Transfer is on equal footing with a toon who did the same content manually - and that’s clearly not the case.

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