Feiton Powerpass on Warrior b4 Destroyer update

So I used my Feiton Powerpass on my Warrior prior to the Destroyer update in anticipation of the Destroyer release. However now when I go on it says there is no powerpass available. Also I did this back when the expiration date was incorrect so I thought it was going to expire within that week. Is there anyway to remedy this situation?

Hello @mistermino;

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I’m really sorry to hear that you claim the Feiton Powerpass on the wrong character. Unfortunately, we are not able to change that, since when you use the powerpass it gets bound to that character.

In case you have any more questions you can contact us here or vie live chat.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for the understanding!

I didn’t claim it on the wrong character. It is the correct character, it’s just gone now. I just claimed it before the Destroyer patched was implemented. Now that character doesn’t have a Feiton Pass on him.

Hello @mistermino;

I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding. I understand that you cannot see your Feiton power pass after the patch. Please try the following steps:

1- Verify steam files. Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files
2- Try uninstalling and installing the game again.

If you still have the same issue please contact AGS costumer service so that they can escalate this issue to the devs.

Thanks for the answer!