Feiton powerpass support

So i claimed mine not knowing about it’s expiration date. Then I saw the red text on it on 4/27 showing it would have expired 4/28 if i didn’t use it. I didn’t see anything else about this so i was literally in a spot of if i don’t use it? I’d lose it. I used it on my glaivier but literally didn’t want one and don’t play her. You can look at the character on my account if you want, i’ve done 2 chaos dungeons with her and nothing else. Is there any way i could delete that character in exchange for a feiton pass? I want a destroyer and the literature wasn’t entirely clear another wasn’t coming with destroyer.

Hello @draco519, Welcome to the forums!

I understand that you would like to move the pass to a new character but currently we do not have an option to reissue the pass or transfer it to a new/different character, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope you have a great rest of your day!