Female Berserker and Gold-Founders-skin

So… LOA ON announced the next “gender-unlock”… that probably wont be a real gender-unlock again. More about this topic here.

Well… there she is - the fem. Zerker. (Please AGS dont give her a bullshit-name, like you did to 50% of the class-names, when introducing her into the west)

AND since the female Avatars of the golden Founders-Pack have HEAVY nordic-knight-vibes to me…

…i just wanna ask if you could change the usability of the golden Founders-skin so the female Zerker can use it too. At this point we are restricted to use them only on the 15 available release-classes, but i realy dont see any female class were this Knight-look would make sense at all.

Im actually questioning why we are restriceted to release-classes at all, because every archetype+sex-combination share the exact same bodymodel, so it shouldnt be a problem to unlock them for future classes like Lancer, Destro, Reaper, Arcana etc. in general.
(I mean… Smilegate needs to model the skin for the bodymodels of Fighters, Mages, the Gunslinger & Assassins either way. Same goes for the existing male-classes of course.)

Maybe take this as a feedback or wish or something like that. @Roxx @Seawolf


i agree. why female classes need to look like a knight? i feel like i’ll just have that outfit thrown in my storage and never use it on any class. even when we get the berserker female gender i won’t be using it on her cause there’ll be so much better outfits in the shop than this.

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It looks like this whole area is made for NA, I can see a lot of people in korea disliking this.
The model for Ferzerker looks thicc so I don’t think said skin will be able to be just placed on

I think AG should give a similar skin that we got for the gold for Ferzerker

Some of the feedback at LOA was the male classes were too fat
A question asked was asking why certain new items were ugly and SG said it was for NA :rofl:

Along with a DX11 upgrade I think SG are going to be working on an engine upgrade and they’ll probably have better rigged characters to fix any clothing issues

Even though I’m not a fan of Nordic vibes that gold outfit does look awesome, I know people who love this, and I want them to be able to have some awesome skins like this for Ferzerker

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that’s so sad…

true maybe it’s not to my taste but pretty sure other’s would love it. it’s not ugly or anything of that. i just wouldn’t use it on a female class xD

There is no femzerker.

There’s only the BRUHzerker and now we’ll be having a SISzerker :hugs:.


This is quite inaccurate and misleading.

Complaint regarding male models was for Shushire race aka Warrior archetype being too stout with short legged and any cosmetics that come out don’t look good because of base model design.

Director never said anything about new items looking ugly because they were for NA. Closest thing to what you’re describing was regarding new hairstyle options and a hair designer was on live criticizing how they were poorly designed. Directors response was that the main goal for these new designs were to bring more diverse options especially for global launch but they really did not have the manpower and resources to focus on their quality.

Going back to topic at hand, you are asking for them to create an additional cosmetic model for a class that has not even been released yet and allow you to hoard it until the class releases God knows when. It would be nice, sure. It’s also unrealistic.


Still in the back of my mind, I wish they will do this. Doesn’t hurt to hope.

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Did anyone suggest the ability to buy more avatars in the future for those who own the packs ? They could add it then. It’s more money in their pockets. They could limit the buy amount like they already do.

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I remember someone suggesting granting gold/Plat founders pack purchasers ability to purchase additional founders avatars, which would not be a bad idea imo.

it would be terrible idea. You don’t want to create “a privilleged” class with unlimited access to something unobtainable by any other. Preorder packages as they are are at least limited to that… lasting “right” to purchase extras… not to mention the issues with the separated ingame shop and alike.

My guess still is you will get those outfits from the shop. Maybe different color variants, but that’s that. Or you find better ones anyway. I have feeling they seem “good” (not really beside bard IMO) only because they are the only thing we can see now.

Buying a founder pack is by definition a privilege already though.

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The way they do gender unlock is just pure idiotic. Say you like Berserker, but it got no opposite gender. Now they make opposite gender, but slightly different. So basically you now have Berserker 1.0 and 1.5. What if you prefer one over another? So them “unlocking” gender is just pointless. Just take existing character and make 1 to 1 copy. Or even better, don’t do gender locks at all.

it’s a new class, that was decided long time ago when they took Diablo way of ddealing with things… point is it has similar playstyle and role. If you missed one. Not same skillset or builds.

You couldn’t play a female fighting with big sword. Now you can. Skills and builds will adapt.

It’s as it is. Same as mouse controlling scheme. Obviously won’t change that.

Why the fukk people dont get it. AGS is not the DEV <.<, aswhile AGS is not responsible for implemntation of server trasnfers, new classes, new content …

awww… would be cool if we got Female Destroyer instead

hope this female version get a proper bigger muscular model. i dont want to play a famelic mage model as a “barbarian”.
like Ghislaine Dedoldia