Female Gunner class intro

Hello Smilegate and AGS,

The female gunner has someone named Kaizerin as their enemy. When the enemy is shot they say, “no one can defeat Kaizerin.” Is this supposed to be Krause? Is it supposed to be the major demon lord that is above all the legion commanders (Kazeroth something)? These small continuity errors makes it tough for new players starting the game to find an attachment to the story line and hook them to play longer.

Good catch. Our version lost out on the class intro quests. 1-10 was a little quest line, but we instead get a movie and instantly start at level 10 for advanced classes.

Most of the intro movies make no sense to new players until they’ve done the respective continents.

Thank you for submitting this and reporting it, Fiddi! I’ll get it over to the development team for you.