Female zerker coming out

Its not omega copium, its just a matter of time


When they can’t decide what other classes to design and create so they decided to just change genders. So what’s next? Male bards? Arcanist? Sorc? lol what about ladyboy gender? LOL

and also me, waiting for muscle daddy testosterone filled bard.


lol when you copy your own homework. Plus new class will always be decent at worst, they aren’t gonna move RC/Pheon sales releasing dead classes.

Release busted class> wait for people to spend real $$$ on it> nerf the class> repeat ad infinitum.

but I DON’T play on KR or pay attention to the KR side of things because the only access to it I’ve seen is twitch streams that I don’t understand soooooo that’s why I asked.

thanks for second vid link though, hadn’t seen that one yet.

She is likely to have no animation locks, so it will be much more enjoyable to play.
Also obvious new body type. They’ll probably release her along with the increased height of the regular warriors so they don’t look like a miniatures.

no to violence sir.


A bot zerk plays better than a real player. oof did I just insulted the whole berserk main community

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