Fever Time ended early?

From June Fever Time Event thread:

Remember, you can claim your Fever Time items once per day on Saturday and once per day on Sunday between 3:01 AM PT / 10:01 AM UTC and 2:59 AM PT / 9:59AM UTC

But the button disappeared so I can’t claim anything. It’s only 9:27PM server time on NA West, and the thread made it sound like it lasts until reset. Would appreciate any help, thanks!

Yep, button was not available to me as well at ~6:30pm PT. Other reports at Where Fever Time?

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Just to add, button was definitely there at ~2:15PM PT or so. I forgot to collect because I was on my phone remoting into my PC and let my game AFK/timeout, by the time I got home to actually play it had disappeared.