Fever Time for EU

Can you for the love of god fix the Fever Time event timer for EU?

It’s sunday 23:00 CET when it appeared for us, whoever won’t login till 11AM tomorrow will miss it. And this didn’t happen for the first time…

Good that NA gets it on some normal time lmao.

I was wondering why wasn’t i getting it every Saturday and randomly decided to stay awake tonight to see that i got it.

NA East didn’t even get last sunday. That is much worse since at least you could get the rewards

fever time is up

it’s been up there for a few hours now

On NA east I havent gotten Fever Time for the past 3 times it was supposed to be available. No compensation, not even one word about them looking into it. I would say count yourself lucky good sir.

I’m feeling the luck right now getting up from bed at 1.40 a.m

Its ok if you cant login before 11 am tomorrow,you can click on the little arrow icon and select the reward from the previous day.