Fever Time Rewards


Day 3 Is the first one I’ve been able to claim from the Growth reward, Is this a bug?

The other two never glowed or was clickable.


can confirm, same problem for me.

This is also showing up like this for me today. I have reached the minimum 30 minutes of required playtime each day.


server= Calvasus EUC

Other topics said we have to wait the 4 day before getting all the rewards. but now I’m doubting about it

Same problem here, played 30min+ everyday too
Zinnervale EUC


waited with claiming day 3 enhanced and now i cant claim it anymore :smiling_face_with_tear:

Same… Good scam.

So maybe we can get it at the end ? I hope so

same problem here

Server = Arcturus SA

The way the UI is and the way its worded makes it seem like at the end you get all 4 Growth Rewards. Instead its enhanced each day with a single enhanced chest available at the end depending on how many days you enhanced it. Reading it again after seeing this it can be taken either way imo which makes it confusing and ultimately disappointing.

@Roxx we need some clarification here.
the only clickable reward is on day 4. and day 1 2 3 is never clickable.
do we trully only get 1 box ? or do we actually can get 4 boxes ??

server valtan-NAW