Field bosses broken?

People think the timers are still busted, but the field bosses are supposed to spawn every hour and they are not.

There are entire days where field bosses don’t spawn. Always have been.

The field boss I was attempting today spawned on the hour as expected.

I’m not dumb. I was doing them on a day field bosses are supposed to spawn, lol. Check the timers some time. It says they spawn every hour on the day that they spawn.

Yes, because they spawn every hour. I went to Ancheladus twice. The first hour I tried he didn’t spawn and then the next hour he did. As I said everyone at that boss first thought the timers were still messed up, but that couldn’t be the case as the bosses are supposed to spawn every hour.

It’s not think, it’s a fact alarm and event calendar is still broken.

And obviously DST have no effect on events that occurs every hour.

Well, my point was that regardless if the timer is still broken or not the boss should spawn every hour regardless of the time change and it isn’t. So, something isn’t working right when it comes to the field bosses.

When did you check?

the only thing I can think of is if It’s a low ilvl boss and with enough high ilvl backtracking can kill field boss within first 7 mins after spawn.

Also the first one and the last one (because event schedule, DST issue) where lets say first set on 10am but it’ll actually be 11am and last one ends 11pm but will actually be 12am.

It was Ancheladus, so 1040ilvl.

And it was a day ago when they supposedly fixed the timers which is when bosses also spawned.

Yeah idk then. just hope DST issue gets fix soon XP

Timers are fine… you can’t account for being 1 hr forward if clock says PDT and minusing an hour. Thats literally 1 X math lvl. Sometimes you gotta say… shit it’s all me.

Again… bosses spawn every hour on the days they are supposed to spawn. xD