Field Bosses tome/souls drop

I couldn’t find an official answer on this so…

KR had a long time to farm those, but since we got rushed through, we shouldn’t need to waste our daily boss run on lower tier to get foods, islands souls, maps and such.

This should be rewriten as a QoL change or something, these items should drop without accounting our daily run, a lot of Moake/Thunderwings were lost due to this, it’s very bad for our version and things gets even worse when RNG is involved.

Can we get a QoL change on this pls @Roxx ? Or even a word if it is not possible and why, idk.

Thanks in advance

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No, we can’t get a change.
We’ve been complaining for months, nothing happened.

You just have to grief your vertical progress in order to get the collectibles. Many of us did it.

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No i dont want this change

Theres a reason its called collectibles and not free Gifts

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Just get the drop from the boss, it’s easy.


So as I. Still missing one soul iirc but still, it’s not because I did it that I want to everyone to go through the same thing, that’s a selfish thought regardless if the player is new or if it just started to care about collectibles

I don’t want people to go through the same thing, I’m just telling you chances of them changing it are pretty close to 0%.

You forget that those “collectibles” were from a once current content, which they played for months or something, which we zoomed through

1 shot Wildwing today made up for my 3 months at orvis

But yearning on the other hand 127 bags in and still no soul yet

With that I agree, we already have the “No”, so nothing to lose here, let’s hope for positivity

Yearning sucks, I’m yet to see a person who got 127 bags lol, but it’s not about the rng, it’s about consuming your daily lockout on low tier bosses

Yeah true the daily lockout is pretty bad but its just a time gate just wish they had events every day as well, but the point of time gating is to keep people playing that want it enough

I’m at 89 souls and 42 maps right now.

Got my first two ever bags at Yearning yesterday, obviously nothing.
Missing Medeia and Forpe.

Missing Sol Grande sea bounty and four from shipwrecks, but I also don’t have legendary bleed after all these months, so I’ll get back to Sol Grande when bleed drops. 43 maps means nothing, anyway, since there’s no reward.

And I’ll probably never get melted fragment of Magmadon.