Field of View in common resolutions should be similar to 21:9

I do appreciate that we at least have an option to force a skinny aspect ratio for a better FOV, but the maximum FOV on the more popular ratios is too narrow to even target a lot of abilities at their max range.

I’m essentially required to force 21:9 to play my Gunslinger properly, which just seems wrong to me. And even then, it only helps with the horizontal view range. I still can’t use Target Down on enemies to the south of my character.

Buy 21:9 monitor


That doesn’t solve the problems I mentioned.

I wouldn’t have any use for a 21:9 monitor other than this specific game, anyway.

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As a Sorc main, I dislike this man’s argument.

But he’s 100% correct, getting a 21:9 monitor made a world of difference.

Honestly you would be surprised, reading documents, having multiple pages opened on a single screen, many other games also utilize 21:9 well. They aren’t a bad investment outside of just Lost Ark.

You could allow players to zoom out further which, surprise, will benefit real 21:9 screens even more. The real solution is getting the proper hardware, they already made it fair game by giving you the option to emulate 21:9 on 16:9.

Exactly, and that’s fine. I have no problem with one aspect ratio having an advantage. I just think a game’s FOV should be enough to support all of the abilities in the game, and it currently doesn’t (even on 21:9 if your target isn’t to your left or right).

I don’t think they can, a lot of these sort of games are not textured or developed outside of the camera max field of view. If we could suddenly zoom out 2x or 5x further we’d probably see most of the game is not actually there or we’d see weird hidden rooms that are on the same map but pushed off into the black.

They would need to put a decent bit of effort into making this an option.

The thing is, how would you go about making 16:9 fov more similar to 21:9… without… forcing 21:9?

Ideally by matching the frustum area between different aspect ratios, using the current 21:9 FOV as a baseline.

For 16:9 specifically, that would mean expanding the view angle by ~14.56%, if my math is right. The result would be 21:9 having a better horizontal range, and 16:9 having a better vertical range, but both having exactly the same amount of total view space (in terms of 2D area measured at any point on the frustum).

But really my title was probably not the best way of presenting this, because the advantage of 21:9 over other aspect ratios isn’t the point. The main problem is that I can’t target my abilities at max range without aligning myself to the left or right of the target, even in 21:9. The only way to solve that is by increasing vertical FOV, whether it’s dependent on aspect ratio or not.

21:9 is becoming the new standard. It would be foolish for a game to not support it.

This game went an extra step (for PvP probably) to force it.

Yea 21:9 is only a horizontal improvement. That’s normal?

Some games like Warframe screw up and do FoV vertically instead of horizontal.
This means a 21:9 monitor can get a MASSIVE FoV increase over a 16:9.

I brought it up on the forums years ago.

This is 16:9 max FoV:

This is 21:9 at max FoV:

get a 55 inch even when you force 21:9 its still plenty big