Fight against toxicity

Now where AGS and SG did alot to successfully fight the bots and RMT, it is time to do something against toxic players.

The ingame situation is pretty bad, people getting more and more angry and there are more and more busses because people avoid to raid by themselves (for good reasons) and it gets harder to find serious practice groups. For people who are not involved in a guild (even there it is hard), who just want to learn and play in peace this is very important.

I’m looking forward for harsher rules against bad persons ingame and I ask for perm bans vs them. I’m already reporting people every day who scatter salt. @Roxx




I made this reply in reddit, and I’m too lazy to write the concept again, so here is a screenshot :smiley:

I think bans are warranted for death threats, racism etc. But people being just toxic should have some different systems(like a rep system), because I feel the outcome would be better in the long run. More players staying in, and maybe even some players improving their manners just to join in on raids :smiley: imagine that


A rep system would be good, problem is I see people abusing it.
But for real toxic players… they should lose access to raids if they have a bad rep.

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busses don’t exist cause of toxic ppl - its because ppl are lazy and or bad.

Not joining a guild in an mmorpg is a questionable choice - some raids won’t be doable with party finder for a super long time.

Banning every “toxic” dude is stupid. Cause toxicity it’s subjective.

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No, it is not because of people are bad or lazy. That is not true.

No, it is not. You search excuses to make use of toxicity.

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yeah, that’s what we need. Toxic people, trolls and streamers having access to system they can harm others. Because in no way people loves griefing whenever they can just for fun.

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Well I brought up a real example where it worked brilliantly. “Hopium” it could work here :slight_smile:

Maybe in this particular system, if you do have bad rep, you yourself lose access to rate others for that period of time :slight_smile:

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Also also also, in this system, it’s totally up to the players if they accept you in the raid or not, whereas a ban is a ban.

Good arguments bro, u got me there!

Jokes aside. The buss customers are always either alts from ppl who don’t want to gear them and search for groups (lazy) or ppl who are to bad to clear the raid by them self. There is zero other reason for the amount of customers. Atleast nothing that comes to mind.

I don’t look for excuses for toxicity. It’s simple: I think different about what’s toxic and what’s not - as u do. And my guess is alot of ppl have a lot of different opinions so Banning ppl for toxicity is stupid cause there is no equilized “toxicity”.

For verbal abuse u can report them easy.

Again, this is not true. Maybe there are alts, yes ofc. I run vykas and valtan 6x a week and I talk with a lot of people ingame (also because of guild stuff, recruiting etc).

Most of time people tell me, they have no time because of job or family stuff but want to get the mats. On 2nd place is that people can’t learn the raids because they won’t get accepted (maybe not 5x3 grudge, kbw, cursed doll engravings) or they get kicked after first or 2nd wipe.
Like a friend of my former guild told me they ran valtan with normal title and then expected that the random is able not to cheesing wei. Ofc random was not able. After 4 times failing they kicked him. (Again, no title information):

So, if I go for myself into the groupfinder I experience a lot of stuff. People literally losing their mind if someone does a mistake. Other people saying sorry 30x in 5 minutes, without any self confidence.

So, tell me why?

You need to ask yourself why people are considered bad. Lost Ark is not Star Craft II. This is not a game where you need real talent and real skill to rank up. LA is just learning by doing and this step by step and you are dependend on people. Nothing else. But to learn that stuff you need time and good people surrounding you. The average LA gamer just can’t stand the mental pressure of wiping. Was the same in overwatch.

So why avoid “bad” people groupfinder? Why avoid people stuff in general? Why they give away valueable gold. Because of there are thousand of people calling them bad? ^^

Nah bro, life isn’t black and white. But black and white makes life easy, hm?

That is why it is so important to get toxic mentalities out of the game. To achieve finally a healthy raiding.

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what did AGS and SG do alot to successfully fight the bots and rmt? what are you referencing? toxicity should obviously be punished but many people feel like the slightest criticism against them is toxic, which is just incorrect haha. and it would have to be a pretty severe issue or multiple occurrences to permaban imo.

Groupfinder is a bad place to learn a new raid - guilds are a thing. If I open a reclear party cause Im low on time I kick ppl usually after 3 stupid fails.


So witch perspective u wanna talk about here? If ur crazy enough and wanna try a “learn party” in groupfinder open it urself and u won’t need 5x3? Or join one with reasonable restrictions?

The valtan without cheerse g1 shouldn’t be that hard. If u can’t pick a orb at the right time it’s maybe not a game for u. The raids will become much harder.

And again that’s why guilds exists. If u are a slow learner u will get kicked in groupfinder, not cause of toxicity, because ppl don’t have hours to invest in some randoms.


ive learned every fight in party finder there are good groups out there that want experience…I can eat a orb when its my turn too tho, soooo…

ummm no lol. none of that is required to give criticism, did you just make those requirements up? xD. direct is much more effective than friendly and nobody needs to understand others situation to give feedback about theirs personally. There is even good feedback to be found when people are just giving flak…this is just incorrect, and is often used hide being thin skinned against criticism, which is a crucial part of any effective learning process :slight_smile:

You can literally google it. So, you are convinced you can’t be direct without showing respect and being friendly?


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okay. Criticism Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster done xD

not saying that, I’m saying someone’s friendliness or respect is not a requirement for criticism and has no bearing on the quality of it…that’s just objectively false

perm ban was never a good solution